LEO Club


By Nick DigiacomoLeo_clubs_logo.svg

“The LEO Club is an organization that helps students learn how to serve their community. It stands for leadership, experience, and opportunity,” explained North Attleboro LEO club advisor Mr. Ames. The purpose of LEO Club is to get students to realize that others are more important them themselves. It also gives the students opportunities to build leadership skills.

Last year, the LEO Club participated in many around North Attleboro projects. They helped set up and clean up the Father-Daughter dance, Hoops for Heart, the Mother-Son dance, WW1 Memorial Park and Zoo, Amvet Back to school Blast Carnival, and helped to organize the NA Junior Football fundraiser at the Elks. 

North Attleboro High School student Sameer Pasumarthy says, “The club is pretty fun, we get volunteer opportunities so we can choose what we want to do and they count towards the hours that we need to graduate so it’s pretty convenient.”

Last year, the club raised $281.94 canning before school and donated the money to raise awareness of Heart Disease. Also, in a joint effort with the NA PTO, the Leo Club raised over $1,000 in order to buy an AED for NAHS. Lastly, they raised over $750 to donate to the “One Leg Up Charity”, which is a charity that helps wounded veterans. 

LEO Club is free to join, and they meet one time a month after school in the cafeteria for 30 minutes to discuss what they have been doing to help the community. Members are required to go to the club meetings, and participate in at least one community service per semester if not more. Mr. Ames said, “We talk about different service opportunities with a goal to serve the local community.” 

If you want more information make sure to contact Mr. Ames at mames@naschools.net


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