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   The Holidays are coming up, which means it is time to start thinking about gifts to get your kids. Kids can be very hysterical when it comes to making their Christmas lists which can be hard for some parents. A father in Los Angeles recently tweeted a picture of his ten year old daughters Christmas list along with the caption “”, which for sure has people laughing. According to her list, she wished for Gucci slides, which can be up to $900.00, a Chanel purse, which is priced at a range from $4,000-$6,000, and she also wished for almost every Apple device you can think of. 

That list is very unrealistic for parents and even though you want to give your children everything they want, here is a list of this year’s realistic gifts that are affordable yet enjoyable at the same time. 


Fujfilm Instax Mini Camera 

For a very reasonable price of only $69.95, you can give your child or even teenager this portable camera that is cute, colorful, and small enough to carry around. It comes in blue, pink, yellow, white, gray, and purple and it is very easy to use. All you have to do is open the back, put in the film, and snap away! 

“I got this for my niece who is 16 years old and she absolutely loves it! I would recommend this for a Christmas gift this year,” said local Mom Tina Merner. 

You can order it from, or they also have them in stock at your local Best Buy, Walmart, and Macy’s. 


Ultimate ears WONDERBOOM Portable speaker

This is a portable and waterproof speaker that your kids will love! At a price of $99.00, you can     gift this to almost anyone because who doesn’t love music? You can get it in all different colors in patterns. The examples are Unicorn, Lilac, Concrete,and Raspberry which all sound very unique and fun! 

“I love this speaker because I am able to use it when I am out by the pool or even when I go to the beach, because it doesn’t break if it gets wet,” said Seekonk High Student Brendan Morales. According to, they are selling fast, so get yours today!


Mini Brands

These small toys are currently a huge hit thanks to the app called TikTok. Mini Brands are miniature forms of all of the very popular brands that we love and use everyday. They come in a very small circular package and the exciting part is that you can’t see which ones you get until you unwrap them. 

“I am trying to collect all 100 so they would honestly be a great Christmas gift,” said Bishop Feehan High School Student Hannah Ramer. You can find these at your local Target or Walmart, but go fast these sell out before you know it! They are also for the very cheap price of $6.00. 


Amazon Echo

You can purchase this very popular smart speaker for the original price of $69.99 and for a Black Friday sale you can buy it at the low price of $49.99 according to It has amazing sound, bluetooth, and of course you can talk to Alexa. You can even set up voice recognition so it knows who you are when you speak! According to in a survey between many smart speakers, the Amazon Echo has been the most appealing worldwide, it has a 4.6 rating out of 5.0 and it will keep rising throughout the holidays. You can purchase this at


Streaming Stick

Give anyone who loves watching TV a streaming device to make their watching easier. The Roku Streaming Stick+ is the best according to because it has the easiest to use remote and delivers the best streaming experience for anyone. It is portable and you are able to stream free TV, live sports, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, movies, music and even more. “ I really enjoy being able to have a huge selection of what to watch and it’s easy to work the TV from the stick,” said North Attleboro Student Liz Kenerson. You can get this for the reasonable price of $49.95. 


Hopefully this list will help you to make your holiday spendings a lot easier and it makes the people receiving them share a huge smile! Stressing about Holiday shopping and trying to figure out what to buy is a problem of the past. Happy shopping!

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