Pet of the Week Four

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For this week’s pet of the week, the pet that will be spotlighted is Senior Connor Eaton’s bird named Tiki. His bird is a green and a yellow parakeet that is about 6 inches tall and is a 5-year-old boy. He lives in the basement (where Connor’s room is) in a metal birdcage. 


Tiki can make Connor pretty mad sometimes. “Whenever I play Playstation with Connor all I could hear was his bird in the background making so much noise,” said senior Jack Perriello 


Connor reports that Tiki can be very annoying at times, so Connor puts a blanket over the cage which usually keeps him quiet. He also puts the blanket over the cage when he wants the bird to go to sleep at night. During the day he leaves the cage open so Tiki can get out of the cage and stand on the top of it where he usually likes to stay. He sometimes will fly around the basement and scare Connor.


Tiki is a small bird but loves to eat. “I tried to give Tiki a treat and he almost bit my finger and now I won’t go near him when I go over his house,” said senior Joey Coscarella.


When it’s time to eat, Connor will fill Tiki’s little dish with bird food and ring the bell. Connor feeds Tiki around two times a day and will give him fruits to eat as a treat sometimes throughout the week. Tiki will sometimes ring the bell when he wants food and when he is scared.


“Tiki once got stuck in the attic after he flew up there and was stuck there for 3 hours as we tried to get him out,” said Senior Connor Eaton.


One of his favorite memories with Tiki was when he thought Tiki left the house through an open window so they looked for him for hours and just gave up but when they went back inside they found him in his cage sleeping. 


Tiki doesn’t do much, but Connor loves when Tiki repeats what he says and just keeps saying it none stop. Tiki is a great bird and a great pet if you want one. 


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