Big Bad Bruins

By Liz Kenerson

The Boston Bruins are currently number one in their Atlantic Division. On November 15th, the Bruins played the Washington Capitals. The game was supposed to determine who was the best in the whole league. The Bruins had a one goal lead on the Capitals until the 57th second of the last period when the Capitals scored on Halak which brought the two teams into overtime.

As overtime proceeded, neither of the teams scored and the game went into a download (6)shootout. When we scored, the Capitals did not and the same for them. Eventually during the fourth round, we had both scored once so it cancelled out. The next shootout, the Capitals scored and we did not, determining the Capitals were the best in the league, but the Bruins were still the best in the Atlantic division.

Transition here!!! The Bruins just received their new Jersey. The jersey, which features parts of jerseys from years past put into one jersey, is their third jersey and will be worn starting in the 2019- 2020 season on Black Friday as they host the New York Rangers at the Garden for the Thanksgiving showdown. 

Senior Nick Digiacomo said, “the new jerseys are sick- I like them a lot.”  The last time Boston got a new jersey was for the Winter Classic in 2016. The new jerseys are created using different parts from previous jerseys from years past.  

Since the Capitals’ game, they have won two more against the New Jersey Devils and the Buffalo Sabers. 

With such a strong performance just a quarter of the way through the season, the Bruins are expected to go to the Stanley Cup. Last year, the St. Louis Blues beat them and took the cup home, but this year they are going to come back strong and take it home to Boston. 

North Attleboro Resident Ethan Kennedy said, “I think the Bruins will go to the cup against the Capitals and win the Cup in game 7.”

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