Senior Spotlight: Faith Graveline

By Taylor Gorman

Senior year for North Attleboro student athletes is a big, important year for those who want to continue their passion for that sport in college. Senior Faith Graveline shares her story of her love for lacrosse. 

Faith started lacrosse when she was in 7th grade. She first played attack but did not like it, which almost made her quit. After some thinking, she switched to play goalie and she loved it. She states, “Being a goalie is scary sometimes. You have to know your players and the field and direct them. It is also hard when you lose because you feel all the pressure but I love playing goalie except when the ball hurts me.” 

When starting high school, she was not really scared coming into a new school. She already had a group of friends and starting lacrosse she would make a lot more.     

Freshman year she was put on junior varsity and was the starting goalie on the team.  Sophomore year came and Faith made Varsity as the backup goalie. She played a couple games that year and everytime she went in, she was very nervous. In those couple games she had a total of 20 saves.

Picture submitted: Faith Graveline 

Even though she got playing time, she was still upset because she knew if she played more she could get more saves. Now, she is the starting goalie and has a total of 170 saves and can’t wait to get more this upcoming season. One of the captains, Katie Lindstrom said, “She is a hard worker and always keeps her head up.”

When asking her how she handles school work, work, off season lacrosse, and field hockey, Graveline says it is sometimes hard. She will have field hockey practice and then right after she will have Gold Star lacrosse practice and then goes home and does all her school work.  

Faith did not always want to play lacrosse in college. She was on and off about playing during her junior year. During the summer of senior year, she finally came to the conclusion of wanting to continue playing. 

A couple years ago, Faith went to a tournament in Florida where the coach of Western New England College lacrosse team watched her and like her skills. At first, Faith was looking at Framingham and New Haven where she got offers from. After doing an overnight at WNE, she knew she wanted to go there. She got an offer from WNE and she took it. She then went to a clinic that she was very nervous for because she was scared about what her future teammates would think of her.  

When asking her cousin, Alyssa Freitas, how she felt when she found out Faith committed, she says, “When Faith told me she got an offer from there I was so happy for, her she deserves it.”  

From first wanting to quit the sport to now loving it, she has recently committed playing lacrosse for Western New England and could not be happier. She still has her last season of high school lacrosse to play but after that the journey begins.  

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