Step Brothers Movie Review

By Nick Digiacomo

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Image from Sony Pictures Entertainment 

Brennan Huff (Will Ferrell) and Dale Doback (John C. Reilly) have one thing in common and that is their laziness and the fact that they both are 40 year old, unemployed couch potatoes who still live with their parents. When Brennan’s mother and Dale’s father meet at a work conference, they immediately fall in love and find out that they both have 40-year-old sons who are going nowhere in life. They marry and move in together, forcing their sons Brennan and Dale to share a room. 

For the first few weeks, they are constantly fighting and making comments to each other. There is only one rule in the house and it is to not touch Dale’s drum set. Brennan broke the rule and lied to Dale when he confronted him. Brennan then proceeds to touch the drum set right in front of dale and world war three breaks out. The brothers fight all the way from the studio down the stairs and into the front yard breaking almost everything in sight. When Robbert the father finds out about this he gives both Brennan and Dale a week to find a job or else they are out of the house. This brings them together and they start acting like brothers. 

They go on the hunt for jobs but they don’t find any luck. Visiting his mother is  Brennan’s successful brother and his lonely wife who has a crush on Dale. Brennan’s brother wants to help sell his new step-father’s house so that Nancy and Robbert can sail around the world. When Dale and Brennan get wind of what is happening they do almost everything possible to prevent the house from being sold. Their rivalry and arrogance force their parents to get divorced and then they have to work together to reunite them.

Step Brothers is a great movie if you want to have a good laugh. Will Ferrell does a great job of playing an unintelligent 40 year old and really fits the role. His partner in crime, John C. Reilly, also does a great job. When both of them come together is just calling for a great movie. Many high schoolers enjoy this movie.  NAHS senior Jeff Baker says, “It is a classic movie I throw it on whenever I want a quick laugh.” Additionally, senior Connor Eaton says “I really like the movie because Will Ferrell is my favorite actor and he gives me a good laugh”


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