By Taylor Gorman

The trends, music, and popularity of apps have changed drastically this last decade. 2010 consisted of pop songs, Instagram, uggs and maxi skirts, and fun games to play on iPhones. All that changed when 2019 got closer, with VSCO becoming popular, the music became rap, the fashion changed, and Instagram was not everybody’s number one priority.

Picture source: Google Images 


Songs: 2010 was a prime time for music creators. This was the time Katy Perry peeked by creating ‘California Girls’, ‘Last Friday Night’, and ‘Firework’. Songs such as ‘Airplanes’ by B.o.B, ‘Black and Yellow’ by Wiz Khalifa, and ‘Super bass’ by Nicki Minaj were the three big hits in that year that created trends everywhere. 

Trends: Trends consisted of the stanky leg, lean back, soulja boy, and pop,lock,and drop it, which were all dances that people created on social media. Olivia Hewitt, who is now 18, said       “Growing up my sisters always would do pop,lock,and drop and I would also join in and it was so fun to do.” 

Apps: Popular apps in 2010 were Instagram, Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, and Fruit Ninja. Instagram was an app that everyone wanted to post pictures of what there are doing. It also gave a chance for people to post their creativity. Other than social media people would play games when they are bored. 

Video Games: Angry Birds is a video game where you are a multi-colored bird who tries to save their eggs from mean pigs. Another video game is Cut the Rope, which is a series of levels that has an objective to get the candy to a green creature by cutting the rope and trying to get around obstacles. The last popular video game was Fruit Ninja. This is a game where you try to cut as many pieces of fruit in a certain period of time, but at some times they throw up a random object that if you cut you lose. 



Songs: Lady Gaga was a big hit this year. She created ‘Born this Way’,‘ The Edge of Glory’, and other songs in her album Born this Way where more than two million people in the U.S. bought. Another popular song was ‘Sexy and I know it’ by LMFAO where people everywhere loved to just dance to. 

Trends:  The music style was still the same and the most known apps were still popular. The only thing that changed were the dance trends. The Harlem Shake, Gas Pedal, teach me how to dougie, and the dab became the famous dances in 2011. You would see these dances on every social media app. 

Apps: The apps that were popular in 2010 were still used all the time but two apps that became very popular were VSCO and Netflix. Netflix is where you could watch old shows or rewatch you favorite shows that you wanted to start from the very beginning. VSCO is the app where you can post anything you want but there is no likes or comments. 


Songs: The music in 2012 became more of pop rock rather than just pop. The song that instantly blew up was ‘Gangnam Style’ by PSI. Which created a dance that everyone did worldwide. Another song was ‘Boyfriend’ by Justin Bieber. Where everyone tried to memorize the whole song. 

Apps: The apps that became less popular were Cut the Rope, Angry Brids, and Fruit Ninja. Youtube, Temple Run, Skype, and Where’s my Water? replaced the 2011 apps. Temple Run is an endless runner game where the player controls the running character, and must avoid obstacles and enemies. Lindsay Robinson,17, says “ I was so good at Temple Run. It was addicting, I could not stop playing it sometimes.” Where’s my water? is a puzzle game where the player must clear obstructions from a sewer system in order to deliver clean water to the alligator in the shower. Faith Graveline, 17, states “ Where’s my water was one of my favorite apps when I was younger. I remember I sometimes would get mad if I could not get enough water in the shower and then I would have to keep restarting.” 


2013 through 2015

Songs:  The music consisted of Macklemore with ‘ Thrift Shop’, Pharrell Willams with ‘Happy’, and ‘See You Again’ by Wiz Khalifa. These three songs where the most rememberable between those years. 

Apps: In those three years the apps were Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Subway Surfers, Vine, and Instagram. Vine was an app where people recorded funny videos and make skits that are six seconds long. 

Trends: Trends were mostly created on Vine. Such as, the whip/nae nae, milly rock, and the quan. 


2015 through 2019

Ever since 2015 everything’s the same except for the music and some apps. According to 2017 Vine was shut down because they could not get enough money to continue the app. 2016 TikTok was created, it is a combination of Vine and Musically, but in 2019 it has became the most popular app. It made the current trend, the woah, where every dance video on this app had a it. Brooke Street says, “ I got TikTok as a joke because everyone was talking about it, but now I can’t get off it and sometimes I would be on it for hours.” 

The music has changed from Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars to Travis Scott and Migos. Rap and Pop has became the most played genre of music played according to Billboard.

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