How to Spend a Snow Day

By William Yeomans

download (8)What’s better, being notified of a snow day when you wake up or the night before? It’s a question that’s been asked by kids who live in cold areas of the world for years. When you’re sitting in bed early in the morning dreading getting out and you hear a call with the caller ID “North Attleboro” it can be one of the best feelings in the world. 

However, when you get the call the night before you can plan out your snow day by making plans with your friends and staying up late doing whatever you want. When asking my friend and NAHS senior Ryan Rajotte, what he would rather he answered with, “I would rather hear beforehand because I don’t like when I get stuck in the house when my Mom tells me I can’t drive.”

When you get the call at night, the first thing everyone does is text their friends in case they did not get it yet. Then you and your friends head over to someone’s house because you don’t want to be snowed in all day by yourself if the roads are dangerous and you don’t want to drive. You also have to make sure that you don’t forget to bring snow gear for the next day. 

You can spend the night with your friends watching tv, preferably Christmas or winter-themed movies, or playing video games. Once you get hungry you can make some Christmas style cookies and hot chocolate to get into the snow day mood. After you’re full, then you get to sleep in some warm clothes and blankets, hopefully, next to a fireplace or a heater and get ready for your snow day. Christine Yeomans, a fifth-grade teacher at Amvet,  said her favorite thing to do on a snow day is curl up in a blanket and read next to her fireplace.

There’s nothing like waking up to a lot of white on the ground. However, you always have to shovel driveways and sidewalks. Depending on where you live, you might need to shovel your neighbors too. Once your done shoveling you can head back inside to warm up to get ready for a day of sledding. 

You can meet back up with your friends and think of some good places to go sledding. Some popular sledding spots in North Attleboro is WWI Memorial park, the church on Route 1 and the hills near Chemawa Golf Course. Andy Demattio, a snowboarding enthusiast and NAHS student said, “Chemawa has some of the best hills to go sledding because everyone goes there to make their own jumps.” 

Before you go out sledding you have to make sure you dress warm so you’re not miserable all day and maybe go to Dunkin’ to get a box of hot chocolate. When sledding the best thing to do is make jumps out of the snow to make it more interesting or you can race your friends down the hill. Make sure you head back inside before you get too cold and get sick or frostbite.

After sledding, you need to warm up again with a nice fire and some food. After it should be early evening and you can take a nap because you should be worn out from snow day. There’s nothing like taking a nap in front of the fireplace while it’s snowing outside. Once you wake up you finish your homework from the day before and you have just had a successful snow day. 


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