Senior Spotlight: Kalin Malcolmson

by Olivia Hewitt

Kalin Malcolmson, a member of the class of 2020, has recently made the decision to attend Dean College to continue her academic and athletic career as a part of the dance program.

Along with dancing at her studio, Kalin also is apart of the NAHS dance team and the Friends of Rachel club. With balancing so many things at once most people would get overwhelmed, but not Kalin. When asked how she balances everything Kalin states, “Just the fact that I’ve been dancing all my life I just learned to time manage really well and that’s actually something I’m really proud of because it helps me a lot.”

photo taken by Chestnut Hill

Malcolmson dances almost everyday after school and averages at least 10 hours a week at her studio, but she still manages to keep her grades up. With time that she doesn’t spend dancing, she enjoys to paint, draw and just hanging out with her friends. One thing she is truly going to miss about high school is seeing all of her friends every day because she has been with them for so long and is so used to seeing them.  

Another thing Ms. Malcolmson is really going to miss is the new dance team that was recently started at the high school. She explains that she has enjoyed her time performing on this new team and the new friends she has made. NAHS senior and fellow dance team member Sarah Marrow states, “I personally think that Kalin is a great asset to our team. Kalin is a great dancer and the dance team wouldn’t be the same without her.” 

Kalin’s  favorite part about the dance team is having the ability to perform and show off her skills. Kalin feels that it was unfair that other sports were able to show off their skills at games, which makes her appreciative that  there is finally a way for the dancers at this school to do the same.

Kalin has very big plans for her future and can’t wait to start the next chapter of her life.  She plans to major in dance at Dean while specializing in studio managing. When asked what she wants to do for a career she states, “Later on I would really like to open my own studio and teach there.”  

Kalin’s friend, senior Emma Graveline, believes Malcolmson has what it takes to succeed as a studio owner, explaining, “Kalin and I have been friends for a long time and she is a very genuine person and has a very good work ethic. I see her going very far in life.”

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