What to do over Winter break?

by Sarah Marrow

Winter break is everyone’s favorite break, not only because Christmas is happening but also because it’s your longest break. Because winter breaks so long you can get bored and not know what to do on your days off. These are the following things you can do to keep you occupied over winter break: 

  1. Catch up on sleep

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Waking up around 5:30 every morning, five days a week and going to bed late at night results in sleep deprivation. Kids are constantly exhausted with all the homework and after school activities they do resulting in them not sleeping. Some people may not require a lot of sleep, but going to bed late every night and constantly running around definitely catches up with you. Not getting a lot of sleep can make you feel not yourself and resulting in you to get colds easily. If you rest a lot over break whether that’s watching tv or actually sleeping, your nursing yourself back to good health and getting a fresh start to the new year. 

NAHS senior Olivia Foley plans on catching up on sleep, saying, “I am constantly up late at night during the weekdays between working, trying to manage my school work and my home life. I am very excited for this break to just relax and have no worries.”

2. Hang out with friends or family

Throughout the week days and weekends you can be constantly busy especially if you’re working. If you’re always on the go throughout the week, you barely have some you time, never mind family and friend time. Over winter break, you might still be working, but at least you won’t have school all day allowing you to be able to spend quality time with your loved ones. Spending time with your loved ones doesn’t require going out and spending money, it can simply just be hanging out at your house and having some snacks while watching TV. 

NAHS resident Tammy Marrow states, “I feel as if my daughter and I have opposite schedules throughout the weekdays and weekends so we don’t get to hang out with each other that often. I’m excited for Christmas break because her and I can just hang out and relax.” 

3. Having a movie marathon

Who doesn’t love watching movies all day long, like a cringey Hallmark movies or 25 days of Christmas marathon on Freeform? Movies are a stress-free way to relax, especially on a rainy day. Everyone and their mothers tend to go to the movies on rainy days, so why not bring the movies to your house? All you need is a little popcorn, drinks and blankets and that sounds like a perfect movie day or night to me.  NAHS senior Mariah Daniels states, “I feel as if a movie marathon is a good way to spend a day of my Christmas break because it allows you to relax and unwind from the stress of school.” 

4. Go shopping

Even though Christmas just happened and you probably got a lot of gifts, I’m sure there’s something that you didn’t get that you want so why not go shopping! It’s great to save money but if you’re really bored and want that last game then go shopping. Also, you may not even have to spend money if you have gift cards for that store! Another great thing about the holidays just happening is a lot of people are either away or don’t want to go out so therefore the stores will be less crowded, resulting you in a quick, easy purchase. 

5. Cook for your loved ones

Most people always say they can’t cook, but winter break is a great way to practice your cooking abilities. Cooking can be stressful but if your cooking for fun than look at a recipe and have a little fun. Rocking out to music and preparing a meal for your family is ideal. 

Comment below if you used any of these ideas over your winter break, or just an average weekend in general.

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