Winter tips & tricks

by Mariah Daniels

Whether you are snuggling up with a warm blanket by a fire or you are outside sledding and building a snowman, everyone can use a few tips and tricks to help them have the best winter that it can be. 

  1. Prepare for the Worst

We all know that the winter can be filled with major snow and ice storms. Because of this, t only makes sense to have a snowplow on speed dial or a snow blower gassed up and ready to go. Another necessity is salt or sand, which will melt away the ice that will form on your walkway, driveway, or stairs. This prevents falls while walking to the car and so your car doesn’t skid when you are leaving the driveway. There is nothing wrong with taking extra precaution when it comes to your safety.

      2. Allow for Extra Time

Mornings are the worst as most know, especially when you are running late. It only takes something small like having to scrape ice off your car to put you off track. Waking up even  5 minutes early can permit extra time for things like putting on gloves and a hat or wiping snow off your car. Make sure you are not late and stay on task. 

North Attleboro resident Michael Daniels says, “ If I could give one tip for anyone it would be to wake up early and give yourself more time to do unexpected things like shoveling a walkway or scraping ice off your car.” 

      3.  Go Play in the Snow

The perfect powder and consistency of snow only means one   thing: it’s time to head outside and play in the snow. Playing in the snow consists of many things like: building a snowman, making snow angels, and going sledding. 

NAHS senior Sierra Antonitis says, “ I love sledding down the big hills and its become a tradition with me and my friends to go every snow day from school.” 

Making snow angels and building snowmen can be one of the greatest memories for someone. Creating your own work of art just the way you like it with friends and family. All it takes is three balls of snow, three rocks, two twigs, a carrot, a scarf, and a hat.

      4.  Stay Warm

person holding mug of hot chocolate
Photo by Jill Wellington on

There is more to staying warm than just a fuzzy blanket and a warm jacket. There are many ways to be stylish and look to your full potential while staying warm! By getting a nice thick winter coat from a brand like North Face , Columbia, or L.L bean, you will be guaranteed warmth throughout the winter. Another way to assure you stay warm is to have the right resources. 

As NAHS senior Alyssa Freitas says, “ Hand and feet warmers are my best friends during the colder months.”

Hand and feet warmers are very easy to store and use. Keep a few in your car, purse, or even in your jacket pocket.

      5. Not a Fan of the Cold? Stay Inside!

Not everyone likes to be outside in the snow, sledding or outside ice skating. Finding something inside to do is a necessity in the winter time. Having a movie marathon or baking cookies are a fan favorite. Many people bake Christmas sugar cookies every year. You can make them in all different shapes and add decorations. Or if you aren’t a fan of baking, who doesn’t like decorating? Get up and decorate your house to get into the festive spirit. Hang up some christmas lights and mistletoe and you’re all set!

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