Midterm Exam Schedule

by Annette Limoges

The Midterm Exams are less than two months away and may be causing some confusion due to the change in schedule. 

Untitled drawing (1)

This year, exams start on Thursday January 23rd with the period 3 exam, followed by the period 4 and 5 exams on Friday. Then, exams resume on Monday with periods 6 and 7, and finish on Tuesday with periods 1 and 2.

The first semester will conclude on the last day of exams, Tuesday the 28th. The second semester will pick right up the next day, Wednesday, January 29th.

NAHS Senior Olivia Hewitt likes the change in schedule. “I like the midterm schedule with all the half days, it makes it easier to not stress over all the exams in one day, and it is a fun week.”

However, not everyone believes that this change is going to be positive. NAHS Senior Kyla Rodrigues disagrees with the change: “I don’t like it, because it is yet another change I have to remember.”

A teacher at NAHS, Mrs. Violette believes the change could be problematic.  “I worry about this change, because teachers and students are going to have to end their semester on a Tuesday, and then start brand new classes and schedules the next day. Having a weekend between the end of semester one and the start of semester two helps everyone reset.”

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