What’s Coming And Leaving Netflix? January 2020


Isabella Erti

Netflix is a big hit and it is where a huge handful of people binge watch both new and old television shows and movies. Every month Netflix removes fan favorites, yet also adds more so it evens out. It is good to know what they plan to remove so if it is a favorite you can watch it until it leaves and if it is a new thing coming that excites you, it’s time to count down the days until it arrives.

Here is a list of what is coming and going this January 2020. download (7)

What is Leaving? 


Sadly the time has finally come and fans are devastated. Back in July of 2019 Netflix announced that Friends will no longer be available for streaming starting in January of 2020. “I am very upset that it is leaving because that was one of my favorite shows to binge, “ said NAHS Student Olivia Hewitt. According to Netflix they are sad to see it go as well, but it will be available to stream on HBO Max. 


Grease is another fan favorite that will be removed from Netflix very soon. This classic that has been around since 1978 is leaving for an actual reason. According to bustle.com some criticize the movie at the part that Sandy is getting her makeover as a betrayal of feminism. Grease will be joining Friends on HBO Max shortly after it’s departure from Netflix.

American Psycho

This is a horror movie that was made back in the year 2000. It had very high ratings on Netflix and will be missed. Netflix states that the agreement to have the movie streamed on their services has just ran its time and that is the only reason why it’s leaving. “ I am going to watch this movie before it leaves because I really enjoy horror movies,” said NAHS senior Taylor Gorman. Hopefully they are able to replace this with a new horror movie that will be just as interesting. 

 What is being added?

A Cinderella Story

This movie is going to be a very big hit according to whats-on-netflix.com. This is the original A Cinderella story with Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray which makes it a very exciting addition to Netflix. There has been so many remakes of this movie that haven’t quite beat the original so fans can’t wait to watch this. 

The Circle

This is a brand new Netflix Original that will be available to stream right on January 1st and fans are very excited for something new. The Circle is a new series that is all about people being in a popularity contest and it is a reality show which is a new thing for Netflix. They are taking it one season at a time so unfortunately one you finish season 1 you have to be patient for the rest.

We Are Your Friends

This is a movie that originally came out back in 2015 that is about a man named Cole Carter (Zac Efron) who gets a chance of a lifetime to be a DJ in Hollywood and we follow his journey and see his ups and downs of living life in Hollywood. “Who doesn’t want to sit there and stare at Zac Efron for a couple of hours,” said NAHS senior Mariah Daniels. Unfortunately this movie will not be available for streaming until the 27th so you will have to be patient, but it’s worth the wait.

Hopefully later down the line Netflix will find a way to keep all movies and television shows on their provider without having to always remove fan favorites just to add more options to watch. People will continue to find out what is coming and leaving to plan their watching times wisely, but for now, hopefully this article helps you for this upcoming month.

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