Senior Documentary

Tradition is a big part of North Attleboro and one tradition that happens every year is the senior slideshow. This slideshow has been a part of NAHS for many years and is usually shown at the end of the year at our annual senior assembly. Although this has been a yearly occurrence, most students feel the slideshow doesn’t fully represent senior year. Two seniors that felt very strongly about this are Jocelyn Jackson and Jill Barend, and they decided that this year was time for a change. 

Jocelyn and Jill  started a new project with the help of art teacher Mr. Flan to make a documentary of our senior year rather than the slideshow. This is really personalizing our graduating class more than they have in previous years. The class of 2020 has loved this idea from the start and have really enjoyed how it has been coming out. 

Jill and Jocelyn have been working hard editing and getting different clips from everyone so they would all be included in the video. Their main goal for this project is for our graduating class to have something to look back on that commemorates our time in High School. When asked what her reasoning for taking the leadership role in this project Jill states, “I wanted something that the whole class could create together and I saw other schools were successful in doing it so I thought, why not North?”

image0 (9)
photo taken by Jill Barend


The video itself is going to have many different moving parts to make it all come together. They decided to really draw people’s attention by running a “skit” throughout the documentary that is going to be bring out the humor. While the “skit” happens there will also be interviews with athletes and other students giving advice and some of their favorite memories about high school. 

For this being such a new thing for North to have it is very important for them to have the students support.  Senior Brendan McGoldrick states, “I am very excited to see the final product and to see how all the funny videos look together.”

Jill feels that, for the most part, the idea of the video is being well-received and that students have been very supportive. She also feels teachers and even administrators have been really helpful.  

When asked what he thinks about the project idea Mr. Flan states, “It’s very exciting that it’s student driven and that the students are generating the content and that it utilizing all the new technology that the school provided due to the increased funding from the town.”

If you want to give Jill some support and see what they have got so far follow the senior documentary page on Instagram @nahs_seniorvideo. 


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