5 Best Small Dogs

by Sarah Marrow

Who doesn’t want to have a tiny companion by your side that will constantly show you unconditional love? Small dogs are preferred by some people but not everyone. In my opinion, the five best small dog breeds are the following: 

  1. Chihuahua   

    adorable animal animal portrait breed
    Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


According to Wellness Pet Food, Chihuahua’s are the best dogs because they have long lifespans, with some living up to 15 years. Chihuahuas are extremely loyal to their owners,  protecting their owners from harm and always sticking by their owners side. If you wanted to get your first dog, a chihuahua is a good choice because they are easily affordable (don’t require a lot of food) and most of them don’t require that much exercise. 

It’s the Chihuahua’s strengths that also lead to its weaknesses, because a Chihuahua’s loyalty can make it nasty and vicious to other people. This issue is heightened if the dog is not trained right. If you don’t socialize your Chihuahua with other people or animals, then that’s your own fault for your Chihuahua’s behavior. Other people who complain about Chihuahuas cite their constant barking as another reason why they are not the ideal breed. 

North resident Tammy Marrow states, “I have a Chihuahua and I’m not being biased because she’s my dog but she is one of the nicest Chihuahuas you will ever meet. Also, she sleeps all day, not requiring any exercise. She eats and sleeps, that’s it.”


2. French Bulldog

black and white french bulldog puppy stepping on brown wood board panel close up photography
Photo by Jens Mahnke on Pexels.com

French Bulldogs are a great small dog because they are known to stay close to their owners, showering them in unconditional love. Frenchies barely bark, so if you are in a tiny space and are worrying about your dog barking you don’t have to worry about that with a Frenchie. A bonus with French Bulldogs is they are very social and friendly to newcomers, allowing their owner to not worry about them biting someone. 

Some people can argue that French Bulldogs are not an ideal dog breed because they have poor health. Frenchies tend to have respiratory and spinal disorders, along with eye, heart and joint diseases. As soon as people see the problems Frenchies have they don’t want to purchase them. Another problem with French Bulldogs is that they are slow with house training and they are very stubborn. 

NAHS senior Olivia Foley states, “I know many French Bulldogs and all the Frenchies I have met are very sweet and have lived for a long time. I don’t listen to the negative in animals because every dog is different and it depends on the owner.”


3. King Charles Cavalier

white and red cavalier king charles spaniel puppy close up photo
Photo by Steshka Willems on Pexels.com

King Charles Cavaliers are the best dogs because they are great with children. King Charles are loyal, loving and patient, especially with little kids. Little kids tend to pick up their dogs a lot, and King Charles will tolerate that and do not growl at them. Cavaliers are extremely smart dogs, that will learn basic tricks quickly. Lastly, Cavalier’s don’t bark a lot.

On the flip side according to Waggington Post, Cavaliers can be extremely hyper, requiring you to exercise them a lot and buy them a lot of toys to help them to occupy themselves. Cavalier’s can suffer from anxiety and in result of this anxiety, they will lick their paws. Since they lick their paws they can potentially get an infection or get an allergy. Cavalier’s have health problems like mitral valve disease, canine hip dysplasia and patellar luxation. Patellar luxation is a condition in the kneecap, moves out of its normal location. 

4. Pugs

brown pug on white wool rug
Photo by Burst on Pexels.com

Pugs are fantastic family dogs that are very affectionate to children. A bonus is Pugs don’t typically bite, so if your children don’t leave your dog alone you don’t have to worry about your kid getting bitten. Pugs can be very playful so if you are not an active person, I suggest that you don’t adopt/buy a Pug. Also, Pugs are exceedingly smart dogs that will be easy to house train and learn complicated and basic tricks. 

Pugs suffer from breathing problems because of their squished up faces. Pugs faces are so squished up that can make them have crusty eyes. Tearing up in the eyes can make they have crusty eyes.  Pugs are also predisposed to obesity, which can lead to them having heart problems. If you don’t exercise your Pug, then these problems can affect your Pug more. 

North Attleboro resident Earl Marrow states, “Pugs are very nice dogs but can be very hyper. You need to exercise your Pug but other than that they are great dogs. I highly recommend getting a Pug!”

5. Yorkshire Terrier

yorkshire terrier puppy
Photo by Viktor Smith on Pexels.com

Yorkshire Terrier’s are a good type of small dogs because they are very determined and are brave little dogs. People may judge them for their size, but they are very intelligent making it easy for them to be trained. Most Yorkies get along/tolerate other dogs whether they are big or small. I suggest getting a Yorkie as your first dog because they are small, easy to train and adapt well to whatever is around them. 

According to Yorkshire Terrier guide, despite their good temperament, Yorkies tend to have many health problems. Yorkies can get pancreatitis (a disease in the pancreatitis), skin geries, collapsing trachea, ang leg diseases. Some people don’t want to get Yorkies because of all these problems but in reality all dogs have health problems. Also, I recommend not getting a Yorkie if you have children under the age of 10 because they could potentially hurt the Yorkie by stepping on them or picking them up roughly. If you have mature kids or kids over the age of 10 then I suggest getting a Yorkie. 


Some local places you can go to adopt any of these dogs are: 

  • The Perfect Puppy,  Plainville,MA (508) 316-4456
  • The Perfect Puppy,  West Warwick,RI (401) 615-1055
  • North Attleboro Animal Shelter, Cedar Drive, MA (508) 
  • The Cheeky Hound, Providence, RI (401-644-7891)

Go buy/adopt a puppy today!!!

black and white french bulldog puppy stepping on brown wood board panel close up photographyyorkshire terrier puppy

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