My bucket list before college

By: Mariah Daniels

A bucket list is a personal list of all fun and happy things you want to do before a period of time. This can vary from watching a favorite movie to visiting another country. I have compiled a list of activities that I want to do before college. It is now 2020, and I still have tasks left, but I am here to share with you my list of completed and uncompleted activities.


1. Get a hotel with friends


   The best way to spend time with friends is a giant sleepover. What’s better than getting a hotel for a weekend, that’s literally designed for a giant sleepover?  I have done this two summers in a row now and it has been one of my favorite memories. Newport allows for some extra fun because you can go shopping, swimming, and cliff jumping! Maybe you can even complete some other bucket list tasks on your trip (like going to a museum or restaurant).

NAHS senior Sierra Antonits says, “getting a hotel with friends was one of the top highlights for my year.” Especially as you’re getting ready to go off to college, you might want to try this activity that will give you memories for years to come. 



2. Pamper yourself


High School causes extreme stress on your mental and physical state. With tests almosts every day, it’s rare that students get time to relax. A day of treating yourself can do you wonders. Book a massage or get your nails done with your friends. This helps to feel refreshed and ready for what you have to come. Even getting a haircut can help boost your confidence and help to motivate you to keep going.


3. Go on a road trip


As you and your friends are getting older, many will soon get their license. What better way to celebrate this amazing achievement then by going on a road trip with friends? Pick your groups favorite playlist, snacks, destination and start driving. From personal experience, I suggest that everyone should pitch in money to help pay for gas. 

NAHS Senior Eliza Dion says, “My friends and I are always willing to pitch in money for gas,…well some of us are.”

Also, be sure to pick the car that is most reliable. With the windows down the music blasting and sipping on your favorite coffee, a road trip can be an extraordinary memory with your friends from highschool.


4. Have a fancy dinner

woman eating bruschetta


I have always wanted to have a fancy dinner at a super fancy restaurant with my friends. Being able to all get ready with each do our hair all nice, and do our makeup well. You and your friends can choose an area in which you want to visit. To be honest, any fancy restaurant is fine, you do not necessarily have to leave your town, although a place like Boston Burger

Photo by Adrienn on

Company or the Cheesecake Factory are high on my list.The best part of the night is of course the pictures. This way you know you will always have these memories forever.


5. A night in the city


Whether its Boston, Providence, or New York., a night in the city can be filled with shopping, concerts, and sight seeing. With friends or family, the night will always be memorable. When you go to college you will no longer see your friends that you have grown up with anymore. Be sure to make time with them before everyone leaves and spend a night in the city.

These are just a few of my favorite ideas. They have made my memories extra special. Be sure to come up with your own and how they portray to you!


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