New Years Resolutions

By Taylor Gorman

2019 is coming to an end, and many people are getting ready for the holidays and preparing for new years parties. While getting ready for the parties people will start to create their resolutions to improve themselves for 2020 so it can be the best year yet. Here are five resolutions that you can try this year.

Be more organized

For those who are more on the unorganized side and are always running around, this would be a good resolution for you. Get a calendar for your room and a small calendar to carry around with you. Create a checklist with all the appointments you have and what you need to do that day. If you don’t want to spend the money on getting a calendar you can download an app on your phone. A recommended app is Planner Pro, where you can easily put anything you need to do and the time where you would like to be reminded. 

For students being organized is important. Get folders and notebooks that are the same color and assign them to a class so you know what class you have to bring those items to. Get a homework binder and create dividers that are labeled with each class you take. Put the homework that you have in that given spot in the binder so it is easier to find it and you will know which class it is for. A senior at NAHS who is not very organized, Brooke Street, states, “I used to always just shove papers in random folders and I will never be able to find them.”  Since then she has assigned the color of her folders to a class and doesn’t put papers in random folders. 

Less time on electronics

Spend more time exploring and less time worrying about other people’s lives. Go out with your friends and be spontaneous. Some fun activities to do with friends or family is to go bowling, out to eat, shopping, or play some fun board games at home. Going to the gym, this will distract you from your phone and help you get fit. If you feel like you need to be on your phone, lock your apps in settings, so you can’t go on the app for a couple hours and will make you think of something else to do. 

Stop procrastinating 

Do you say “I’ll get to it later” and then never get to it? Just pushing it aside will make you not want to do it even more. Put a note everywhere you look and put it in your reminders on your phone, to keep reminding you to do that task. A North Attleboro resident Rhea Gorman says, “ I put notes everywhere to remind me what I need to do because I am very forgetful or I just do not feel like doing it in that moment.” If you do the chores that you are dreading to do, it will relieve so much stress off you and will make you happier. 

Be more confident

Worry less about what others think about you and do what makes you happy. Go to a place with your head up and walk in there with a purpose and show everyone what your worth. Wear the outfit that you are nervous to wear proudly and do not look back. If you are more confident you will be happier. 

School improvement 

Whatever grade you have you can probably improve. A helpful tip is to get more sleep to help you be able to pay attention in classes. This will help you create better notes and know what is happening in the class. Getting a planner will also help because you can write down all the homework you have and will remind you if you have a quiz or test to study for.


These five points are just the start of what can make your year amazing. There are so many more resolutions that can be done to help improve yourself. The only hard thing about New Year’s resolution is to keep up with them, so make sure you stay on track!

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