Tips for the Class of 2020

by Olivia Hewitt

As we come to our halfway mark of senior year, the class of 2020 is quickly approaching the end of their high school careers. This can be very nerve racking for most because they aren’t sure what to expect in the upcoming years with it being so new to them. To help with the transition, I have asked an experienced teacher from each department for two tips they had for our current class as we move on.

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Art: Mr. Flanagan

When asking the Art Department what insightful words they wanted to leave the seniors with as they move on, Mr. Flanagan had some funny but meaningful ones he wanted to share. For his first little tidbit he said, “Don’t be a jerk!” This is something he really wanted people to keep in mind as we all begin to start our new lives. Mr. Flanagan mentioned that this was something his mother really instilled in him when he was younger. She always told him it costs nothing to be kind and this is something he lives by to this day. Another piece of advice Mr. Flanagan states: “Don’t be in debt.” If you are in debt, all you worry about is money and don’t live your life to the fullest because you will have to make sacrifices and you don’t end up doing what you actually want to do.


Foreign Language: Mrs. Hodgman

Spanish teacher Mrs.Hodgman also had some insightful tips she wanted to leave the seniors with. One statement that she believes heavily in is, “Don’t be so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.” She thinks these have to be treated as two seperate things because you have to enjoy what you’re doing in life to make it have a meaning. Many people tend to get this twisted and don’t follow their dreams because you “won’t” make as much as you would doing something else. Another tip Mrs. Hodgman states, ”Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about becoming who you want to be.” As high schoolers, we all tend to feel like we need to find out the kind of person we are right now to be able to move on to the next stages in our lives but in reality that’s not truly the order it should be. 


Media Center: Mrs. McKamy

When asked Mrs.McKamy what she thought we should know as we move on, she states,”READ, READ, READ!” Being at the high school for sometime now she has noticed that through the years kids have gotten less and less interested in reading for fun. Mrs. McKamy also states, “Study hard at college, but enjoy your time too” as her second tip for the seniors. She believes lots of kids go to college to mainly have fun and party and end up letting their grades slide. She thinks students should balance it out to enjoy their time at college but still study and stay on top of your grades or you will regret it in the end.


Physical Education: Mr. Ames

When asking the gym department for any parting tips they had for us Mr.Ames gave two he thinks every senior should know before we graduate. Mr. Ames explained that the advice to , “Never be afraid to do the right thing” is something he thinks the class should really keep in mind in their everyday lives. This is something that students really struggle with on a daily basis because they try to be the best they can be all the time but sometimes doing the right thing is all you can do and you have to just accept it.  He feels throughout the High School students tend to be afraid to be themselves and try to blend into the crowd and he thinks this is something we need to work on. He states, “Our world has enough followers, be a leader with character and integrity.” This is something he truly believes in because he thinks we need more leaders.


Science: Mrs. Williams 

Biology teacher Mrs.Williams also had two tips for the seniors she believes in greatly. The first one is, “Travel as much as you can. Doesn’t need to be big, lavish trips, but get out of your comfort zone and see the world.” Mrs. Williams feels that students don’t get out of their comfort zones enough and this is where she feels they go wrong because that’s where you tend to grow the most. The second tip she wanted to leave the seniors with was, “Always be willing to learn new things and meet new people. New people can teach you so many new things. This is the best way to learn.” Mrs. Wiliams feels we are all still so young and we still have so much to learn and that there are so many opportunities that are there for us that we don’t even know about yet. She really wants this class to not be afraid to change that’s her big thing because she feels change is a good thing and it’s apart of growing so we all have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable for a little in order to grow. 


Being here for many years, these teachers have seen many graduating classes come and go and they want the class of 2020 to be prepared for what’s to come. They feel that if they keep these tips in mind they will succeed. 


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