Top Clothing Stores For High Schoolers

By Isabella Erti

Fitting in is a big thing for a lot of students in high school. If you look around there are

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most likely a trend among boys and girls involving clothes. High schoolers tend to shop at very similar stores and it shows. If you are having trouble trying to find clothes to wear, here is a list of some of the more popular clothing stores for high school aged students.

American Eagle

American Eagle is a very popular store that has been very successful in selling clothes to 15 to 20 year olds according to The store focuses on teenagers and young adults both male and female with a fun-loving attitude. They have all the basics you need like sweaters, shirts, and one of their bigger hits is their huge majority of jeans. “I only buy my jeans from American Eagle because they have the perfect fit for all body types, “says NAHS senior Taylor Gorman. You can take a look at American Eagle at


Hollister is another very popular store among teens. It is similar to American Eagle yet they have many differences. According to they have different sizes, prices, and Hollister is more on the California/Summer vibe with their clothes. Hollister has a big variety of clothes to choose from for male and females like sweaters, shirts, jeans, dresses, skirts, shorts, bathing suits, and they even have an underwear line called Gilly Hicks. If interested in any of these different styles, take a look at


High school students also like to dress comfortable from time to time and the big hit for those types of clothes is Nike. Nike has sneakers, shirts, pants, sweatshirts and a lot more. 

“ I usually buy all of my sweatpants from Nike and they are my favorite ones to wear,” said NAHS senior Mariah Daniels. According to, Nike is always up to date on making new products for customers so that there is always new exciting things to wear. Take a look at to see what is new!


H&M is another favorite store and it has recently been updated. There has been a different variety of clothing added to stores according to They have clothing for both boys and girls and they added a section for younger kids as well. Recently their clothes have become more sophisticated which is perfect if you are looking for cheap clothes for work, or an interview. To find all of the fresh looks you can visit


For both boys and girls Champion is a very big hit that is seen being worn on a daily basis. According to, Champion is known for basic gym attire and it has a throwback feeling of street culture. “The sweatshirts are probably the biggest hit because I always see people wearing them,” “said NAHS senior Olivia Hewitt. You can find all the looks and styles at

Hopefully this majority of popular stores that have now been shared with you can help you to find all of the in and cool clothing that high schoolers are wearing. It is good to be yourself and not dress totally the same as everyone else, so take a look at these five stores to help you find your style.

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