North Attleboro High School Makes Return to School

By Jack Callahan

North Attleboro High School students and school staff returned to in person school on Thursday, September 17th. Students made their return in cohorts where students in cohort A attend school in person on Monday and Tuesday and cohort B goes on Thursday and Friday.

Students whose last name begins with letters A-J are a part of cohort A and students whose last names begin with K-Z are cohort B. On days where students are not in person they use Google Classroom and Meets to get the work for their classes.

The return to in person school has been an adjustment as the schedule has been changed from previous years. According to the NAHS 2020-2021 weekly schedule, every full day of school has four blocks instead of last year’s  six, which means classes are now around 90 minutes instead of 52.

Additionally, there is also no longer a homeroom period, and students report directly to their first period class. The classes also no longer rotate over the course of the week. 

Wednesday is a remote learning day for all students that ends at 10:15 AM. This day is used as a check-in for students in which they meet with all of their teachers for a short time over Google Meets.

In addition to the use of cohorts to cut down on the number of students in the building, the school also must follow certain guidelines to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, including socially distancing seats in class and wearing masks.

The school also offers students the ability to eat lunch outside while socially distancing.

Sam Foley, a senior at North Attleboro High School said, “The lunch system is great because we can eat outside and sit in groups with friends.” Foley continued, “Although it’s not as good as being able to sit right next to your friends at a table it’s a really great alternative given the situation. I hope that we can continue to eat outside as the year goes on.”

The school also gave students the option to learn fully remote from their homes. Remote students follow the same schedule and attend classes using Google Meets.

William Edmonds, a senior who is doing full remote learning said, “I chose remote because it allows me to have more control over my learning and gives me more time to myself.” Edmonds continued, “I can usually get the work done a lot quicker when I’m at home and can teach myself. I also like being able to sleep in later. And of course there’s the fact that it’s a lot safer and I’m much less likely to get the coronavirus at home.”

The current learning system is subject to change as the year goes on. Depending on how the virus progresses, students may be able to return to more in person school or they may have to switch to full remote learning.


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