A School Year Different Than The Rest

It was supposed to be just another normal year for the North Attleboro High School students: five days a week, six hours a day with after school activities. All the students are having fun and doing their work in the Cafe or Media Center. 

Instead, the 2020 school year had other plans.Because of social distancing measures to halt the spread of the coronavirus, the school week went from 5 days and 6 hours to two days at home and three days at school, and most teachers don’t even require the students to stay on the call for their entire class period.

One of my friends reported about which way of learning they preferred and he said “ I prefer the virtual learning system,”  Why did he prefer this way of learning? He replied with “I prefer the type of education because it shows me how independent I have to be in the future”.

Although there’s bad things about virtual learning, Jason still took virtual learning as an opportunity, Jason said,  “I feel like it’s preparing me for college,”  The virtual learning aspect of this year and our seniors is a direct representation of what college is like.

 I asked my girlfriend what her school was doing in regards to learning. She said “My school is doing full virtual learning”, she didn’t like it at all. She also didn’t think it was fair for other schools to do half and half while her school was doing full virtual. 

Daniella plays volleyball and it’s one of her passions. She also transferred from a foreign country last year so she didn’t know too many people apart from her cousin and her friend group.

She told me what upset her the most and she said “I rather have in person, i want to meet new people and make new friends,” and I felt bad for her because you can’t really make many friends from virtual learning. 

I took both peoples opinions and compared them and both people ended up saying the exact same things. They both prefer one type of learning and each one comes with pros and cons. Overall it’s just gonna be a different experience and it’s going to be overwhelming for others.

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