Return of the NAHS Soccer Season

Sam Foley

Many students at NAHS were wondering if fall sports would even happen this year due to coronavirus, but it was recently announced that the boys soccer season will happen, although with modifications for the players’ safety.

Before the fall sports season started, the boys soccer team had twice a week captains practices during the summer, with rules requiring players to wear masks and keep distance. The summer league games were cancelled at first, which put doubt in the players minds whether or not the season would happen.

On August 28th, 2 months before the fall season, it was announced by MIAA that the soccer season would happen, with new rules. These new rules included wearing facemasks, keeping distance on the sidelines, and limiting physical contact. 

Schools aren’t forced to participate in sporting events if they feel it isn’t safe, since the MIAA released a statement saying, “Every school district/program should consult with their local health department to determine which risk level to start this program safely.” 

There were also changes to the rules of soccer to promote safety. Andrew Faris, a senior on varsity, said, “The rule changes are really gonna affect how we play. Physical contact isn’t allowed, headers aren’t allowed, and corner kicks aren’t a thing,” Faris continued, “Last year, our defense was good, and with all of these rule changes defending is going to be much harder.” 

Every team will have to adhere to these new rules and guidelines in order to play, which the MIAA hopes will limit the risk of spreading the coronavirus.

The team started tryouts last week, with practices 6 days a week just like the previous years, albeit with social distancing and masks.

Jackson Magas, another senior on varsity said that, “All the teams are starting on the same page with the rule changes, so hopefully if we work hard in practice we can get used to the rules and have a good season.”

The team is hopeful about the new season, even amid the pandemic and challenges that come with playing sports in a way that is safe for everyone.

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