Returning to School During COVID-19

By Elvis Young

Many schools opening this past month have seen plenty of trials and tribulations due to the coronavirus, and students in North Attleboro are no exception.

NA students are returning to school and are coping with the new remote learning.

Many students opted into hybrid-learning, where they spend two days each week in school and three at home.

Most teachers have adapted to not having students in class quite quickly, assigning work to students then relying on the students to complete assignments without supervision.

With this new style of teaching in place, some classes have become more strenuous, where other classes felt better fitted to hybrid or remote learning for students like Neil Galasso, who said that “some classes got too much time before and it was just unnecessary.”

But school is very rarely just about a student’s academics, many find that other facets of schooling have disappeared, like the sense of community fostered during after school activities and over lunch.

As many after school programs get cancelled, “The school has lost its sense of community,” according to another student attending the school.

That student also said “There used to be so much stuff going on. Now it’s just show up and get out.”

Lunch has changed drastically as well. Without tables, many have chosen to sit outside in circles of chairs with their friends instead of sitting inside, where tables have been replaced with rows of desks, making the cafeteria “pits” look like little classrooms instead of the break from the very same room dynamic that it used to be.

During lunch students are allowed to take off their masks, provided that they are at least six feet away from each other, another grievance to students as they can’t sit with each other as much as before.

Now that lunch is students’ only limited opportunity to have social interaction, some students fear that some things may permanently change for the worse.

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