X Block

While teachers and students alike are adjusting to the new schedule, both groups are learning how to best utilize a new feature of the schedule: X block. 

  Starting September 16th when students returned to school after the long break due to Covid 19, they returned to a lot of change, including the way the schedule looked. On Tuesday’s and Friday’s, their last period class was called X block period. Although many students questioned what this new period was for, they soon found out. 

Mr. Herber explained that X block is “An opportunity for students to get their work done along with meeting with teachers to continue work.”

Students agree. Senior Katie Manning explained, “X block was time to meet with teachers, to get homework done in a productive way and to make good use of time.”

Despite her report that she was “productive” during X block, Manning explained that she wanted the opportunity to be able to go home early and “ be more productive without distractions” as she would be when she stays at school. Senior privileges and the opportunity to leave if work was finished were all questions that arose from this change. But as of now, X block remains a time for students to efficiently get their work done. 

In a live stream that occured on September 18th for Cohort B students, Mr. Haviland explained more of what X block was. He referred to it as a time to make our school a better place.  A time to bring up underlying issues and how to fix them, ways clubs could still work this year despite Covid 19 and a way to connect on Google Meets and work together to make our school a better place each day. 

After getting feedback and Mr. Herber’s and Katie’s opinions on the change, X block will remain to what it is and like Mr. Haviland said we still can make our school the best place it can be and the changes of the school due to the pandemic and the safety of everyone is what’s important to keep this a great school year.

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