Profile: Haley Strom

For NAHS senior Haley Strom, living on the lake is what she’s always grown up with and loves the most. Haley is happiest spending days waterskiing and nights on her boat watching sunsets. As Mrs.Strom said, “ growing up on the lake has created a unique and special environment that our family has enjoyed and a fun time to share with friends as well.”  Her biggest accomplishment comes from this summer, and learning to waterski one ski. 

Haley’s active lifestyle isn’t limited to the water: Haley is very athletic and loves being able to workout and push her body. Haley has expressed her love for long walks with her Mom. Haley’s mom expressed how she “ enjoys our one-on-one talks and walks together”. It is a time for her and her Mom to connect about their days. In addition to these walks, Haley also works out in her basement gym with her brother to keep her motivated. And when she isn’t doing that, she has a tennis racket in her hand. At an early age, Haley’s Mom introduced her to tennis and her love and competitiveness. For her tennis has been a click ever since the start and to this day she is still out there playing, for the high school team. 

Some of Haley’s other interests include hanging out with her friends, catching the sunset with them or going out for ice cream. One of her best friends, Jess Gaskin, says, “Going for ice cream is always something fun. Haley could never turn away a maple walnut ice cream cone.” 

Her biggest goal for the future is studying occupational therapy, and her dream right now is to go to school down south. 

If Haley’s watched anyone from an early age, someone who inspires her and pushes her to be the best each day is her Dad. He works hard for everything he has in life and nothing is given, always earned. Haley notices and is inspired by that.  For all he’s been through in life, he wakes up always with a smile on his face. He appreciates and uplifts everyone around him, even if his days aren’t going the best, he always knows how to make everyone else’s days the best and that’s what inspires Haley each day. 

Without Haley’s family and without all their love for the lake and Haley’s hard work each day, she wouldn’t be who she is. The lake is home to Haley and one thing for sure: with Haley´s commitment to hard work, she will have a blast wherever she ends up in college and her future is very bright.

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