Profile: Senior Emily Manning

by Haley Strom

Emily Manning, a member of the class of 2021, has a busy lifestyle inside and outside of school. From balancing three jobs to running cross country, she has everything all planned out and is ready for anything to come at her.

Throughout the summer, Emily spent lots of time with her twin sister, Katie, and her close friends. Emily traveled to the Cape, Martha’s Vineyard, New Hampshire, Maine, and Little Compton. When asking where her favorite travel destination is, she said, “My favorite is California and Martha’s Vineyard.”

Emily said that her favorite season is summer because she is able to take many fun trips like going to Martha’s Vineyard. 

When traveling to the Cape to visit her grandpa, Emily said that her favorite restaurant is located in Woods Hole. “My favorite restaurant is Pie in the Sky. They have the best food and we’ve been going there for over 10 years.”

After talking with Katie and asking her to describe Emily, she said, “Emily is always energetic, thoughtful, and impulsive.”

When Emily is not on a run for cross country or track, she said that she “enjoys working out and hanging out with friends.” She enjoys hanging out with her closest friend, Jess Gaskin. Jess stated, “I have known Emily since kindergarten, but we became close friends in 7th grade.” 

Emily lives in a neighborhood filled with kids, which gives her tons of babysitting opportunities. Right across the street from her house, there are three elementary aged boys. Over the summer, she had the opportunity to babysit the boys three times a week. 

On top of babysitting year round, Emily works at Norton Country Club as a server. She has met so many new people and loves her job. 

For the past few years, Emily has also been a soccer referee on the weekends for the North Soccer Club. She found her interest in being a referee from her love for soccer from a young age.

When asking for a unique fact about herself, Emily said “I lived in Quincy until I was four years old.” She also said that she “doesn’t like maple syrup.” 

As her years at North are winding down, Emily said that her favorite academic class is Statistics. As she has just started this class a couple of weeks ago Emily said “I find it really interesting and I love my teacher.”

As any senior would do, Emily is well into her college search. “I feel ready as a person, but I do not feel ready with the application process.” As application deadlines come to a near, Emily is getting assistance in group guidance to help her along the process. 

When asking about her plans for college, Emily stated that she “plans to go to a four year college, possibly to run D2 or D3. I plan to study early education. I am very open as to where I want to locate myself for the next four years.” Emily is interested in colleges around New England and colleges in California. 

As for her busy schedule, North Attleboro Senior Emily Manning has everything ready to go for the next chapters of her life. 

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