Profile: Jack Callahan

By Sam Foley

As Jack puts 2 more large cheese pizzas in the oven, another 2 orders pop up. 3 large pizzas with long lists of toppings. He rushes over to start making 3 more pizzas as quick as he can, but another 2 tickets pop up. 

It’s Friday night, the busiest night at Papa Gino’s Plainville, where Jack Callahan works part time making pizzas. He is also a student at North Attleboro High School.

Jack enjoys his job, not only because he is able to work with his friends, but because the work is fun and time goes by fast.

He works about 20 hours a week, which is a lot because he also has to go to school each day.

Jack said about working during school, “It is tough on some school nights because I get home and have to go to work right after, but I only have to work 4 days a week so I usually only work 3 weekdays.”

Jack is taking a large course load, a schedule full of AP classes, but says he can manage it and gets good grades.

Fuller Collins, one of Jack’s classmates, says about him, “We’re in some classes together like Physics and Economics. He’s pretty smart, and we also sit near each other in the classes so we can talk to each other”

Even with work and school, he still has enough free time to enjoy his hobbies, which includes dirt biking and cars. He has his own dirt bike and goes biking on local trails .

Jack was hired at Papa Gino’s 6 months ago, after quitting his job at Shaws. He worked at Shaws for a year and it was his first job, but he didn’t enjoy it so he wanted to switch it up.

After getting hired, Jack was told he would work on the grill, but later switched to making pizzas. His job includes pounding the dough, putting the toppings on, putting pizzas in the oven, and boxing the food for delivery.

After weeks of training, he had all the basics down and was able to do his job more efficiently and at a faster pace

Andrew Faris, one of his coworkers and senior at NAHS, said, “Jack is a fast worker who is good at pounding the dough. He’s actually training me right now.”

Papa Gino’s Plainville covers a large area for taking orders, so they can get pretty busy at times. The most busy days are tuesdays, fridays, and saturdays. 

Jack says, “We aren’t busy all the time, but during the lunch and dinner rushes we can have a lot of orders. I think it’s fun because the time goes by fast and I’m multitasking, but sometimes it’s tough when we don’t have enough people making pizzas.”

One thing he worked for is his new car. He recently bought a 1997 Honda Prelude, due to the fact it can be modified easily, and has a unique type of engine. He is looking forward to working on and modifying this car.

Just a year ago, Jack hated his job at Shaws and thought that he would never enjoy working. But now, he likes his job at Papa Ginos and has much more free time to do the things he enjoys.

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