Profile: Sam Foley

By Jack Callahan

The phones keep ringing and orders keep coming, the grill is filled with food needed for the orders upon orders that have arrived.

Sam rushes around desperately trying to get all the orders made as quickly as he can, but the tickets keep printing.

It’s the nightly dinner rush at Papa Gino’s in Attleboro and NAHS senior Sam Foley is the only employee on grill tonight. It’s a stressful night, but he’s confident he can keep up and get it done.

Sam Foley has been working as a grill employee at Papa Ginos in Attleboro for two months now. Sam explained, “I work at Papa Gino’s in Attleboro and my job is to work on the grill.” Foley continued, “I work four days a week for around 20 hours a week. I like it there because I enjoy cooking and I get paid to do it when I’m there.”

In addition to being a part time grill employee and student, Sam Foley also enjoys activities and hobbies such as debating and weightlifting.

He said, “I really like physics class. I like being given a real world problem and being able to come up with an answer using math and logic.” Foley added, “I really like the problem solving and collaborating we do in that class.”

Outside of class, Foley spends a lot of time prepping for debate tournaments with his team. Sam discovered debating in high school and he’s been a valuable member of the team.

“I started doing debate club sophomore year and joined the competitive team my junior year.” Foley said, “I like debating and persuading someone to get on my side even if I don’t always agree with the side I’m on.”

Andrew Faris, senior at North Attleboro High School who was been participating in debate since his freshman year said, “Sam is a very passionate and talented debater.”Faris continued, “He performed really well at the Harvard tournament last year where he competed against some of the top debaters in the nation.”

Foley also played soccer for two and half seasons in high school. “I played soccer freshman through junior year,” Foley explained. “I quit part way through my junior year because I got a pretty bad concussion and was having some hip problems. It wasn’t my first concussion and I decided to stop playing because I didn’t want to risk more damage to my brain or body.”

Weightlifting has been a big hobby of Foley’s for the past few months. “I started weightlifting because I wanted to gain weight and get stronger.” Foley said, “I’ve been lifting for a few months now. I’ve gained a few pounds so far and have started to really enjoy working out.”

Another hobby of Foley’s is playing video games with friends in his free time.

Connor Davis, senior at North Attleboro High School and friend of Sam Foley who has known him since middle school.

“I have a lot of fun playing video games with Sam.” Davis said, “He has a competitive spirit but also doesn’t take it too seriously.”

Foley is unsure about his plans for after high school. “I want to go to college but with this whole coronavirus situation I’m not sure I will,” Foley said, “If I go to college I want it to be in person, and right now I’m not sure that’s possible with what’s going on. If I do go to college I would want to major in an engineering field.”

As for now, Sam plans to finish his senior year of high school and get enough credits to graduate and make some money by continuing to work.

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