Profile: Elvis Young

Elvis Young is a familiar face to many at North Attleboro High School. He’s a bright, lively theater company member who will be graduating from NAHS in June. Although he’s a large part of the music department, Elvis actually began his high school career with athletics, then transitioned later in his four years.

“In my first couple years at the school, I was actually mostly involved in sports,” says Elvis. “Had I not joined the music program I’d probably have an extremely different friend group and I’d be less loud.”

Additionally, what many people don’t know about Elvis is that he no longer plans on pursuing music after graduation, at least for right now. He stated, “The fall was my chance at scholarships in both the music and theater departments, and since this season is out the window, so are those.” He also says that he’s going to “join the Air Force once I’m done at North.” When asked if this decision was born out of quarantine or if it was always an option for him, he answered, “It’s always been there, as a safety pick.”

As many are aware, quarantine was a difficult time for everyone at some point or another. For Elvis, the not-so-rough parts were spent being productive and active. “I started working a lot more, and I started running more,” he said. 

When you hear the name Elvis, one particular name pops in your head, which makes many assume that Elvis Young was named after the famous singer by the same name. Elvis shut down this rumor by saying, “My dad listens to the oldies a lot and my mom had run out of family names.” He added that “when she let him pick, he went with Elvis.” However, he didn’t grow up with much musical influence at home. When asked about this, he simply responded with “not too much.”

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