Hybrid Learning

by Haley Strom

Members of the NAHS school community have different beliefs about the new learning style implemented in the year 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Between the students and their parents in town, some feel as though they aren’t getting the proper education they deserve, whereas others enjoy and have adapted well to the new learning style. 

Despite what some people say, students at NAHS are not getting the full education we were expecting to receive this academic year. With only seeing your teacher for a specific class twice a week with a half day in between, there is no possible way that we are going to be able to learn all the material for the year. 

When planning for a hybrid year, the school believed that extending the periods would help us to be able to learn the required material. Little did they know students would lose their attention span very easily.

Not only would students lose their attention span, but many students have already been separated through cohorts from their close friends. Not being able to communicate throughout the day puts a damper on a students happiness, as many of the aspects of school that they have enjoyed in years past have been taken away. 

Some teachers also claim that they are not enjoying the new hybrid-style learning. It is a lot more work for a teacher to have to join a meeting and provide instruction for the students at home and then give instructions to the class in front of them. In a conversation with Dr. Cavedon, she explained that she has found it difficult to teach her class using the hybrid style. To try to ensure that everyone in her class is learning the same information, she has been able to productively keep the students on the Google Meet the whole class to teach the material. 

Many students have found it difficult to get extra help on assignments when they are at home virtually. Not to mention, students like myself don’t like asking questions in front of the whole class. Try asking questions over a Google Meeting, with students in class and on the meeting with you. It can be very difficult for students to get the answers they need when they are holding back with their questions, which may impact their performance in the class. 

Although I feel as if hybrid learning is not ideal, others believe that it may be more beneficial for students. According to the article “The Science of Attention” on  informED, a student’s attention span will increase as they sit down for longer periods of time. In a study, they observed that students’ attention span at the beginning of a lecture is much shorter than at the end of a lecture. 

Many students have adapted well to the new learning style. Conversing about the new style with senior Jess Gaskin, she said “I have found it to be a good way to prepare students for college. When a student is given material to learn at the beginning of the week, they are required to manage their time wisely. Similarly to college, students generate a plan on their own as to how they are going to go about their assignments.” 

With all the challenges presented by the new learning style, students have to be more independent and learn how to face their challenges on their own. The truth behind the matter is that students aren’t going to learn all the required material. This will put a damper on the rest of their education, no matter what grade level you are at.

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