Why Everyone Should Be Exercising

Editorial: Why everyone should be exercising

Everyone knows the health benefits of exercising. Healthline says these benefits include lowering the risk of chronic diseases like heart disease and type 2 diabetes, improving skin health, brain health and memory, and sleep quality, as well as reducing pains and aches. While exercising, you’re boosting your energy, improving your mood, strengthening your bones and muscles. The benefits of exercise are considered common knowledge, so why doesn’t everyone do it?
To begin, it takes mental strength and discipline to work out every day, especially after a long day at school or work. My neighbor Mark agrees with this and quotes “ exercising is something I don’t find the time for because I work so much and never found interest in.”
Still, for those who push themselves to exercise each day, there is a great reward. Haley Strom agrees: “Working out is the best way to push your body and what you put into it, you’re rewarded with the results.”
Exercising is a time where it’s just you and you’re pushing your body to its own limits. You’re working on making yourself a better person, helping yourself live longer and doing something good for yourself physically and not just physically but boosting your mentality, as well as helping yourself live longer. It takes time to see results. Nothing will come easy and nothing is built overnight. Haley elaborated, “I enjoy working out because I feel better about myself when I’m done.” Haley also enjoys the fact it takes a long time to see results, because if everyone was receiving results overnight then everyone would be doing it.
A facebook quote states, “ I don’t have time to workout is the equivalent quote of, the dog ate my homework”. The quote is highlighting others’ excuses, “ lack of time” and people who are choosing to avoid prioritizing their health and well being.
Senior Olivia Etienvre said, “Working out makes me feel more accomplished and proud of myself. It helps make me happy and more confident¨. I believe if you find something you love that ties to exercise then you’re succeeding with your physical health.
Despite my view upon exercising, others may not agree.The New York Post says two in five Americans feel they’re too old to exercise. The healthline article says once you hit age 41, people use the excuse more commonly as an excuse to not wanting to workout. The post also says nearly one third of Americans will use the excuse that the weather is too bad or ten people in every twenty have skipped a workout because the weather is too nice to be doing a workout. As other people may agree or side with, exercise is a waste of time as 29 percent of people agreed to that. The post also says ten people have skipped a workout because they’d rather watch Netflix and one fourth of people say because they’ve eaten too much prior.
People may defend this because they’ve never been into fitness or found what they love that ties with exercising. People use the excuse they don’t see the results quick enough. As senior Jess Gaskin says, “I wish my results would come faster” or as my neighbor John said, “I hate gyms and going inside is just too intimidating.” But these are all excuses.
All people have views of whether exercise is for them or not but I truly feel everyone needs it in their life, and in order to live longer it’s what’s best for you.
Even if you’re a beginner, exercising can be as simple as going for a walk, bike ride or even something like dance where it’s when and you forget about the fact you’re exercising. When you have some spare time or even willing to do a more complex workout try doing sit ups, lunges or even weight lifting. You’ll never know what you like until you try it.

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