It’s For The Culture

It’s been recent that sneakers have been making a comeback. Since 2010 more and more shoes have been coming out and people are finally finding styles to work with the shoes. 

Ranging from prices of a low $60 to a high of $300, and that’s just retail. Not to mention resale value. Prices of the shoes can go up to $6000, and I personally think this a great value for people who want to sell and buy shoes as a lifestyle, and it’s a great way to invest your money as long as you’re smart with what you do.

Ever since sneakers started coming up again, social media has been a huge platform for this. Celebrities such as Travis Scott, Sean Wotherspoon, and even Derek Jeter have their own signature shoes. With social media, these celebrities show off the shoes before releasing them so people can prepare themselves for the drop.

These drops can be either a raffle which in sneaker terms is a low percentage depending on how many of the sneaker is released and how many people are actually going for the shoes. The reason for these drops is for the shoe to get hyped up and for more buyers. For example the “Royal Toe” Air Jordan 1 High is a signature shoe in the current game. They released in bulk for the re-release of the shoe and even with the amount in stock they still sold out within seconds. Now that they sell out no one can get a pair of the shoes unless they pay resell and since they are in the game people will pay double the price just to get the shoes

There’s a man by the name of Mark “Mayor” Farese who had a collection of more than 3,600 plus pairs of shoes. He recently made a video on YouTube about how it all started. He went from being poor and having to work as a bagger to make some extra money to having one of the most expensive collections in the world. 

Still to this day you will hear people talking about why sneakers are a big part of the world, and the answer is culture. Culture is the biggest reason why sneakers are so big right now. Without sneakers it wouldn’t make people who they are. For example, Kanye’s signature shoe “Yeezy” wouldn’t be how big they are now if Kanye didn’t make them. Some basketball players are so good at the sport that they have the pleasure of working with sneaker companies and making and selling their own sneakers, such as Lebron James who has made 18 different series of shoes, that’s not including the colorways in the specific series. The list goes on and on. Virgil Abloh for example his shoes are OFF-White, he takes shoes and makes his own design and customs, so they can be sold on the market and people can show off their shoes with the current fashion. I just personally think that even though the shoes are expensive, they are worth the price. People just need to understand that the current day and age of fashion is a key part of people’s lives, and shoes are a big part of the outfits.

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