The Results are in! 2020-21 Senior Class Elections

Sam Foley

Although this school year has been different from previous years in many ways due to the coronavirus, one thing that has stayed the same is the class elections for student government. This year, speeches and voting occured online from October 16th to October 20th for the positions of secretary, treasurer, vice president, and president.

The first student government position that students voted for was secretary. The secretary mainly takes notes on meetings and reaches out to companies for things like fundraisers and events. There was only one candidate, Alicia Hawe, who had won in previous years, so she won the election automatically. Her speech had an emphasis on continuing to have things like fundraisers and events even during the pandemic, in a safe but fun way.

Next, the students voted for the treasurer, who handles the money raised from fundraisers and class events. The candidates for this position were Belle Clarkin and Harry Kojoian. In previous years, Connor Davis held the position, but decided not to run this year. When asked why he didn’t run for treasurer, Connor said, “I forgot”. Harry Kajoian ran for treasurer, hoping to change the policy of X-block, arguing that students should be able to leave during X-block. Belle Clarkin, who has run for treasurer every year since freshman year, talked about persistence and carrying on even through tough times, which is relevant during the pandemic. After the votes were tallied, the winner was Belle Clarkin, who finally won the election after trying four times.

The third vote was held for the vice president. Together, the Vice president and president work on organizing events and advocating for change based on what students want. This year, the Vice president had three candidates: Teddy Girouard, Aakash Sunkari, and Elizabeth Szajda. All of the candidates talked about how we have to make the best of the pandemic and the situation the school is in, but the winner ended up being Elizabeth Szajda, who was vice president last year.

The last position to be voted for was president. Some would say that the class president is the most important in terms of responsibilities. But one student, who wishes to remain anonymous, when asked about voting for class president, said, “’it’s all just a popularity contest, no one is so incompetent or competent enough to make a difference.” The two students who ran for class president were Angela Oliynik, who was the president last year, and Justin Silva, who was running for the first time. Angela talked about the success of the 2021 class in the previous years, from raising money to organizing events, while Justin Silva talked about his qualifications for the leadership position, and why he would be a good fit for class president. In the end, the winner was Angela Oliynik, winning for the second time in a row.

The four students elected into student government, Alicia Hawe, Belle Clarkin, Elizabeth Szajda, and Angela Oliynik, will be responsible for planning the class of 2021’s events and fundraisers, as well as changing things about the school because of the pandemic. Congratulations to all the students who were elected and good luck to all of them making the best of our senior year.

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