Soccer Review

By Eddy Mendoza

It’s a new year for NABS, but the rules that were instituted because of the coronavirus pandemic. No heading, no corner kicks, and the worst part: no shoulder to shoulder contact. Even though these rules are crazy, NABS still has to make a name for themselves.

When starting off the year of NABS you’ll be greeted by four coaches. Coach Johnson, who coaches the freshman team, Coach Lacasse, who coaches the junior varsity team, and lastly you have Coach Burgess and Coach Crear, the head coach and the assistant Varsity coaches.

After tryouts, coaches will decide who they want on their team. Freshmen will always make the team, and if not they get moved up to either Junior Varsity or Varsity. Sophomores will usually always make the team and the same applies to them like freshmen, if they are better than most, they will be moved up. It’s tougher as you enter Junior and Senior year. These are the two years that have to prove to the coaches that they are worth it, because if you aren’t, you’ll be cut and no soccer player wants that.

Throughout the season you’ll see that the coaches work you to be the best that you can and will push you so you don’t give up. 

As well as your teammates, they will always be there to support you, it’s like one big family, and occasionally the team will have a pasta dinner and these are always fun.

If you’re a fan of soccer and you’ve always wanted to play in high school, this is a great program for you. The coaches, the team, and the games are the best parts of it. Just overall memories to come. While asking captain Justin Silva how he felt about this season he said, “Even though it’s not our normal eighteen game season with normal rules, and even though we haven’t won as many games as we hoped for, it’s still my family and i’m glad i got to lead the team.”

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