Trump and the Modern Cult

Elvis Young

In every election campaign, there are some fanatical supporters of each candidate. On both sides, there are people who aren’t the brightest bulbs. But never before has this part of a campaign base been embraced so readily as Trump’s.

One of the most troubling parts of this rather large group is that all their sources boil down to Trump and people that directly and openly support him. Trump’s genius “fake news” rhetoric made it so that these people only had sources that he approved.Therefore, their news feed talks about what a genius he is.

I spent some time on a few Republican (though I struggle to use that word, because I respected the Republicans before Trump was elected) news sites and the stories I found boggled me. 

On the very popular “Info Wars,” I found a story about Trump walking out of an interview. They were praising him. He walked out of Sacha Baron Cohen’s “Da Ali G Show” and supporters rallied to him for not taking part in a satirical interview. Personally, I think that makes him very small if he can’t have fun and laugh at an unexpected joke, but his supporters say it was his genius that led him to find the lie in Cohen’s bit and leave.

I also went to Fox News to look at some articles. I found one about a French man who was decapitated by a student for discussing a satirical comic strip. These Trump supporters offered no words of support, but scorned him for not arming himself with a weapon, and attacked on France for not allowing guns. Tragically, the boy had been an immigrant who was radicalized and his friends went with it, so clearly there was something wrong in the first place as far as his friends go. But the comments about immigrants were so openly racist I actually checked to be sure I was on the right website, no pun intended. 

These fervent supporters  also deny truth, and it always circles back to “fake news” under this warcry. Trump supporters are able to deny any fact, study, or report done by anyone. They even brush off actual footage of Trump being caught in a lie and respond simply by saying “fake news.” 

I won’t lie. I was fine with the fanatics until now. I could have put up with many things, but this is too far. To deny facts, to rally behind one figure while only listening to and taking facts from one person is to join a cult. 

And that’s where these people are now. A cult. And this is the main reason I refuse to vote for him. He is an American villain who stands against the very ideals this nation was founded on.

America is no longer what it was. What made America great wasn’t the wars, it was the fact that we were the mixing pot. It was this place where people from all walks of life could come together and take part in a democratic process. And we’ve never gotten there, completely. But this is one of the few times we’ve gone backwards.

So to anyone who hasn’t been indoctrinated: vote. Even if you vote for Trump, be aware of his imperfection as much as you are Biden’s.

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