What To do During Halloween

Eddy Mendoza

Fall is one of the most favorite seasons in New England. The tree leaves change colors, the temperature changes dramatically from super warm summer air to breezy hoodie and sweats type of weather. The pumpkin spice drinks make a return as well the November theme drinks and donuts. Besides the food and weather there’s one specific holiday that many people love, and just because it is technically over doesn’t mean that the fun needs to stop. 

Halloween, every kid’s favorite day apart from Christmas and Easter. My girlfriend Daniela said, “It’s a great time as always, best part is my friends and I can dress up together and just hang out and eat candy.” Apart from just those things I asked Daniela if there was anything else you could do during Halloween.

The first thing she said was, reading scary stories. Although her English isn’t perfect because she’s from a different country, she still understands enough English to know how horrifying some of the stories are. “When I was younger, my cousins and I would read scary stories to each other and I would always be the first to cry.”

Secondly, she brought up the idea of playing games outside at night time. For example ManHunt, it’s a game where there is one seeker and the rest are runners and the seeker has to prevent the runners from reaching a certain spot. Daniela still plays the game till this day. She said, “It will always be my all time favorite game, it’s always just good energy with my friends and it’s a good source of exercise because you’re constantly running.”

Another fun thing to do is the Ouija Board. Although it’s not to be reckoned with, if you’re friends with some brave people, it should be a piece of cake. Daniella says, “Regardless if you’re brave, playing the game in pitch black and someone’s room or even worse the basement, the board itself will have at least one person trying to back out.” It’s said that the piece in the middle of the board is supposed to move on its own spelling names or answering questions.

Lastly, Daniela said watch scary movies while eating snacks. She stated, “When there’s nothing else to do, I rather sit in my bed with my loved one and watch movies all night getting fat off candy and hot chocolate.” 

On the 31st of October if you’re sitting at home not knowing what to do, there’s a couple of ideas that you can take advantage of, and make sure you stop at a CVS or Walmart and get yourself some candy to munch on! Even though spooky season isn’t technically over till Thanksgiving, means that the fun can still continue.

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