Fall Sports Senior Night

Fall sports have looked different for all. But despite the Covid-19 pandemic, they have been an experience for all. As a senior myself, I am beyond thankful for all coaches and parents who have worked harder than ever before to make North Attleboro High School Seniors feel even more special this year. 

As a senior Cross Country runner, senior night  was something very special. No one realizes how it’s all going to come into play and after all the hard work and fun years, so it almost feels so surreal to be celebrating. What I expected was not nearly close to everything I got.

I spoke with Cross Country senior Kailey Lockavitch, who said she  didn’t know what to expect from senior night:“I expected a poster or two and maybe something else, but in reality I got lots of posters, some really nice notes, some really cool pictures and so much more, like gift bags.¨ 

This outpouring of support is something that Kailey will remember forever. She explained, “The expectation on senior night compared to the reality of all the support and love that we felt was a night that I will forever cherish”. Kailey said she’d definitely rate her senior night a “10/10,” because “the race was okay, but after was so much fun and the work that everyone did for us was so generous.¨ 

My sister, senior Katie Manning, explained how much the soccer parents and junior girls were so supportive and so similar to the way cross country senior night. Katie said, ¨ I wasn’t expecting nearly as much as I recieved and the parents brought so much for all the players and each junior gave the seniors flowers¨. Katie briefly mentioned “each family was there to support their child and all the seniors got pictures with their parents and families.” 

Lastly I spoke with senior Olivia Etienvre. Her senior night as a North Attleboro Field Hockey player was a memorable experience. She said, “I kind of expected what it would be but I honestly didn’t have any expectations.¨ With all her friends and parents there to support her it was so memorable. She finished by saying, “it was so fun and it was probably one of the best games ever. My teammates and I were so hyped and we all played our best.¨ As they say, “you never know what you got until it’s over.” And for me, this quote fully hits home and is something I’ll forever live by, because you truly never know what you have until it is over. You may think, one more, or there’s always next time, until you hit that point where there is no next time and this is all you got. For seniors, their last home games, meets or matches for the fall season have come to a close. But senior night 2020 despite the Covid-19 pandemic surpassed all expectations for many.

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