PS5 or XBOX Series

Dan Hayes

Journalism 2

Mrs Violette


Some gamers always support their own brand by getting either the new Playstation or the new XBOX. This holiday season the brand war is back as these two brands have their new consoles coming out.

In 2013 the PS4 won the last battle by selling about 112.50 million units while the Xbox One sold 48.31 units over the entire course.

The Playstation 5 comes out on November 12th with a disc version and a non-disc version. The standard disc version will cost $499 while the digital game version will be $399.

The XBOX series comes out two days earlier on the 10th. The XBOX also has two versions, the X and S. The X will be $499 and the S will be 299$. Unlike the Playstation’s prices depending on having a disc feature or not the XBOX’s prices are based upon the amount of storage each has.

An article from techrader written by Gerald Lynch Both Playstation and XBOX consoles are capable of 4K, but the XBOX series X has more storage than the PS5 with 1 TB while the PS5 has 825 GB. Both run games at 120 frames per second and both use ray tracing which help with creating realistic lighting effects.

The PS5 beats XBOX though in its new controller. From the techrader article the new version of Sony’s dualshock remote will help make players feel more immersive in the game with sound effects and the feeling of touch. For example if you’re firing a bow and arrow you will feel the tension of the string from the remote. XBOX went with a safe approach by updating their most recent remote.

Microsoft has Sony beat with smartphone usage. They made streaming your game easier by clicking a button on your phone. It will start recording your game and save it to a cloud on the XBOX app. This allows streamers easy access to put videos out faster. Microsoft also has a feature called remote play. According, you can “play games from your console straight to your phone or tablet over the internet with XBOX remote play.” This is a new feature for the Series X and S.

PS5 for the day one launch has 15 games with big names such as Demon’s Soul and Spider Man: Miles Morales. XBOX however has 19 games set for launch but PS5 has more self exclusive games, meaning you can only get the game with that console.

XBOX has a unique feature that allows players to play most games from their previous consoles if you have the disc or buy them digitally. Playstation is just allowing some PS4 games to work with the PS5.

Both consoles have a unique look. The PS5 is a sleek white rectangle with some curves and inside is the black shell of the hardware with blue lighting. The XBOX series X is a huge rectangle that is black with little design and the S is a smaller white box with black.

Both brands are unique on the new generation of gaming as Sony has tried making great games and making the gaming experience feel real while Microsoft has made changes to prepare for the future of gaming. So now which side will you choose?

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