PS5 Opening Week

Dan Hayes

Mrs Violette


Journalism 2

The new Playstation 5 is one of the hottest gifts for people this holiday season. Before its launch, people didn’t know how the company’s sales would do because of fewer in-store purchases because of coronavirus.

In pre-pandemic days, hopeful buyers would be waiting outside stores just to get their hands on a console, but this year purchasing was done all online.

Online, most sites like Gamestop,Target and Best Buy would open up buying but with so many people trying to buy at once the site was slow and very tough to get with the limited supply.

Wal-Mart however did things differently, and had four different release times  throughout the day. From experience, trying to buy one was harder on Wal-Mart because they were selling less than other stores because of having four times instead of one.

Also, reseller bots were taking PS5’s as well, beating regular buyers from getting one to sell for a high price on other market sites. If people really wanted to, then they could buy one on Ebay for 1,000 dollars. If people trust sites like Ebay and trading sites then they could take a  chance and buy one from another person but you can never trust what other people could do.

The good and bad news is if you didn’t get a console on opening day then it’s going to be very tough to get one, but a report from said Sony the company that creates Playstations is working harder to have more PS5’s available for Christmas than they did for the last model the PS4.

According to, data shows that sales in Japan were good, with the PS5 selling 118,000 units, while the new XBOX X sold just 21,000. Although this number is lower than what the PS4 did, it is still impressive given the fact that we are in the midst of a global pandemic. 

With the holidays around the corner a lot of people’s holiday season could either be very good or bad depending on if Sony starts shipping the consoles out.

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