Some people view studying for a test as an extremely important and helpful tool, while others perceive it as a waste of time.

What some people do not understand is how much studying is a waste of time. Studying for a test is overrated. Does studying really help you?

On the other hand, does working hard and reviewing material numerous times, with repetition and different study tactics, help you study? 

Studying for a test doesn’t always help but it can. When interviewing others, each opinion varied. 

What does studying really mean? I feel that  the information you learn in class is the information you need to know. So, if you are paying attention, then you should already know it but reviewing it multiple extra times can for sure be beneficial. But I also feel that taking the time to review what you’ve learned and quizzing yourself can help you in the long run. I’ve gone both ways. I’ve studied for hours upon hours, losing countless minutes of sleep and ended up doing average. I have also put in no time stressing about it and I trust that I know I will do well. Why spend your time studying when you have already learned the information or if the setup on the test is different? Why waste more time studying things you don’t even know I are worth studying for?

I spoke with junior Brodie Clemente who said, ¨ Studying is a waste of time. If you studied in class you don’t need to.” He continued, “It’s a waste of time because it’s not needed and you can be doing better things for yourself and the time spent studying you won’t get back¨. 

I spoke with senior Katie Manning and she thinks that “it depends on the test material¨. She explained, “It is mostly helpful and beneficial because you are more likely to do well when you study¨. But she said, ¨ you need to make sure you are studying the right material.¨ Ultimately, it is beneficial to study and prepare for a test but if you are not studying the correct material for the test, it can be troublesome for the test. 

Finally, I spoke with senior Haley Strom and her thoughts were how important studying for a test is and it is not a waste of time.  She said ¨I think studying for a test is not a waste of time. I find when I study longer for tests, I tend to do better and perform best.¨ Haley personally feels long term studying helps her best and stresses how important it is.

In conclusion, it comes down to a personal preference in how you perform as a student and if you are willing to put in the time then you will receive the beneficial outcome. Then if you think you learned and listened enough in class, why waste your time on something like studying?

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