Troop 33 Skills Day

A picture of Troop 33 Scouts and guests gathered around the campfire to listen to some announcements. Dylan Desrosiers / NA First Launch

-Dylan Desrosiers

On Saturday, November 21st, Boy Scout Troop 33 hosted a “Skills Day” outdoors at Camp Elmwood at the local YMCA for interested incoming Scouts.

Local Cub Scouts were able to join the boys of Troop 33 to learn more about what Boy Scouts is all about and to generate excitement in hopes that they would join the program.

The Senior Patrol Leader, the highest-ranking youth leadership position, Max, said, “We’re putting on a great program today for the Cub Scouts. Unlike Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts is entirely youth-led and today they’re experiencing that for the first time.”

The Cub Scouts participated in a variety of stations, including knot tying, cooking, orienteering and fire building to get a taste of what Boy Scouts is like.

Troop 33’s Scouts did all the planning and running of the event.

After going through the skills stations, everyone was treated to lunch, which was pizza made in a dutch oven over the fire.

One of the Cub Scouts, Angelo, said that he loved the pizza and thought it tasted better than any pizza he’d ever had. He said he was amazed by what you can cook while in the outdoors and that he’s excited to try his hand at cooking when he joins the Troop.

Troop 33 had been preparing for the event for several weeks to make sure it went smoothly.

Scoutmaster Jeff Shockley said, “The guys did a great job today. I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback from parents. They did a great job planning and practicing the last few weeks and that [effort] showed today.”

The Troop has been meeting outside at Camp Elmwood on Sunday afternoons this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Normally the Troop meets at Sacred Heart Church on Thursdays at 7:00 PM.

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