Can The Patriots Make The Playoffs?

Dan Hayes

Mrs Violette


Journalism 2

Last Sunday the Patriots came into a week 12 game in Los Angeles against the Chargers playing all right, but the team needed a statement game.

The Chargers came in 3-7 losing close games, but playing solid football with rookie quarterback Justin Herbert leading the team.

However, on Sunday, New England dominated both sides of the ball and won easily 45-0. The special teams unit scored two touchdowns and the offense did the rest.

The defense caused havoc on Herbert and made him have his worst game in his rookie of the year award campaign by throwing two interceptions. 

The win was a good one because all three units of the team played great, but there’s a lot of questions left for this team. 

Since the Pats haven’t lost since November 1st, can they win out and make the playoffs as a lower seeded team? The team’s schedule is tough as next week they play the 8-4 Rams on Thursday Night Football and then division games against the Dolphins 8-4, Bills 8-3 and then close out the season to the 0-12 Jets.

The new playoff format may come in handy and help the Patriots as there are seven  teams now instead of six.

If the Pats continue to play offense as consistently as they have been, continue running the ball well and if the defense starts to play like how they did last year as they put up historic numbers, then they can win out.

Also the coaching staff has tuned the offense to take pressure off of first year New England quarterback, Cam Newton, and make him feel comfortable as Coach McDaniels and Belicheck had to find ways to call plays for a scrambling quarterback, as former quarterback Tom Brady was a pocket passer. 

With the way this team is playing, I think they can compete with any team in the league and I’m excited to see what this team will bring to make a playoff push and show the league even without Tom Brady we can compete.

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