The Vaccine Is Here

Dan Hayes

Mrs Violette

Journalism 2


As 2020 is winding down people have something to finally look forward to as the Covid 19 vaccine is here.

On Monday the first shot was given in the United States but there’s a lot of questions that still need to be answered about the vaccine.

First, even with the testing by the companies saying that the vaccine is effective, people still wont trust it 100% until there is more information given about the effects it does to your body and people will be nervous because of the groundbreaking time it took to create the vaccine. 

The next question that people may have is who will get the vaccine first? From the first phase (phase 1 a) who will get the vaccine will be frontline workers and doctors. Next is phase 1 b which will go to anyone 65 and older. After that people believe the vaccine will be getting mass produced for the rest of the public to receive.

Another question people may have is how many vaccines are there? The FDA has so far cleared two vaccines in America on December 18th: Pfizer-Biotech and Moderna. Both vaccines are being tested to find out more information but initial testing has been positive. From a source released on the 15th by Mayo Clinic both vaccines have had a 95% positive rate after the 2nd dosage. From an article from The New York Times written by Carl Zimmer, Jonathan Corum and Sui-Lee Wee  there are right now 63 vaccines in clinical trials, 85 in preclinical and 18 in final stages.

The last question people may have is what happens once you get the shot, can people go back to living their regular lives? After you get the shot some people may experience light side effects like arm soreness from the shot and the chills but that will go away after a couple days. Both vaccines released require two doses to finally be set. 

In an article by Healthline written by Brain Mastroianni he says things will not go back to normal right after you get the shot. One reason is because we don’t have all the answers yet, yes we know it protects ourself but we don’t know if you can still affect other people and some people may not feel comfortable with it until more people get the vaccine themselves.

Sam Gugliotta said “I want to wait a little bit when the vaccines available to me just to feel safe that the vaccine won’t cause any bad side effects to me.”

As the vaccine is on it’s way there are still plenty of unanswered questions that need to be answered soon so people can gain some reassurance back and feel that soon the world will go back to normal.

If you have any more questions, check out

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