Students thank NAHS staff for dedication during pandemic

-Dylan Desrosiers

Photo by Benjamin Suter on Unsplash

The role of a teacher, especially during this pandemic, is so much more than “just a teacher;” they are coaches, friends, role models, parents, advisors and so much more.

On Wednesday December 16th, 2020, NAHS staff were surprised with a video and holiday treats to thank them for all they have done for North’s students.

The video, which was a complete surprise to the staff, was created by Alicia Hawe and Dylan Desrosiers, along with the support of many other students.

On Wednesday, December 16th in the morning, NAHS principal Mr. Haviland sent a link that appeared to be a live stream meeting on YouTube and a fake agenda in an email to the staff.

A few minutes before the scheduled start time, Mr. Haviland made an announcement for everyone to check their email and click the link to watch the live stream.

However, when the ‘meeting’ started at 10:45AM, the staff wasn’t greeted by the face of an administrator; they were watching a 10-minute montage of students thanking them for their dedication and sacrifice and congratulating them on the great job they have done teaching during a pandemic.

At the end of the video, Alicia and Dylan went on the PA system at school to invite everyone down to the cafeteria for holiday treats and time to socialize or go out for a walk.

The cookies, fresh-cut fruit, hot chocolate, coffee and other treats were prepared specially by the cafeteria staff.

Christmas music was played over the new cafeteria PA speakers.

Ms. Forsgard, Theater, Basic Video and Public Speaking teacher at NAHS, said, “I teach video and public speaking, and from those aspects, you both did a wonderful job putting this together. It meant a lot to all of us. Thank you.”

Mrs. Gaumond, Guidance Department Administrative Assistant, said, “We really do have a great school. The kids, the teachers; everyone’s just so thoughtful.”

Mr. Haviland said, “You two did something incredibly nice today and made a lot of people feel really good in a way they haven’t felt in a long while. It was incredible and perfect! Thanks to both of you!!”

As Alicia said, “This is a difficult year and it’s inspiring to see how everyone has stepped up to keep school moving forward. The sacrifice, the late nights, the extra time; us students are all so thankful for everything our teachers and all staff members have done, even if we don’t always show it. Every staff member at NAHS is awesome!”You can watch the video on YouTube by going to

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