No answer for Covid 19

With the posted news from NPR January 3rd, 350,000 people have died in just the United States alone because of the coronavirus. That is 1 in 1,000 people. The NPR article entitled “A look at the Coronavirus today¨ states that December had a record high number of deaths for the coronavirus and the month of January is only expected to get even more deadly. People’s lives are being changed everyday, people’s mental health is being affected each day and there is no end in sight. 

Throughout the Covid 19 pandemic, each day you find out more information. USA today has an article about how flying “is less risky than eating out at a restaurant or being in a grocery store¨. I´m not here permitting travel, but airplanes have been one of the cleanest, most sanitary things yet and the ¨ventilation system on planes recirculates every 2-3 minutes, with heavy disinfecting, masks always worn and the social distancing of seating¨. The article continues to say that riding on a plane is one of the safest things to do today. 

But how are people traveling and reporting back cases of Covid-19? It’s not the flying you’re doing, but what you do when you arrive at your destination and the number of people you’re interacting with. 

I spoke with senior Jess Gaskin and she said, ¨During the beginning of Covid, it took time away from my friends and I didn’t realize I needed to be with my friends and socialize and that affected me in a bad way”. Covid has had a number of effects on different people in many ways. Jess also said she believes how planes are so much safer and although she never realized that, it doesn’t change her outlook or view, at the end of the day it’s just another Covid fact.

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