What Would You Do With 1 Billion Dollars?

Dan Hayes

Journalism 2


Mrs Violette

On Tuesday, January 19th, the Mega Millions was up to 970 million dollars that no one won. For Wednesday CNBC projects that the number will go up to 1 billion dollars.This will be a top 10 winning draw of all time.

After thinking about the chance of being that lucky person, what would I do with all that money? I thought about buying a mansion, and investing in businesses and buying nice cars like Lamborghinis.

According to the article by Sarah O’Brien on CNBC, she said there are three steps people should do to not lose or make bad decisions after winning. First don’t tell too many people, don’t rush to claim the prize and finally, get a financial advisor and a team to help you with your decision process.

I then asked people what they would do with that much money. Junior Makenzie Keith said, “I would save the money and buy small purchases that would cost a lot of money for the average person. Maybe go on some vacations as well.” Others, however, may need to reconsider what they buy and look at these steps. 

The seniors I asked had different views about what they would spend the money on.

Senior Robbie Donnovan said, “I’d buy a nice mansion and try to start up a car company to keep the money growing. “

Senior Sam Gugliota said, “I’d buy a few mansions and some vacation homes and invest in other companies. I would also help my family with any problems they need to be fixed. Also maybe I’d get the boys their dream car.”

Senior Dan Pedro stated, “I would buy the nicest mansion I could find. I don’t care where it is but I want the sickest house. I would buy so many sick cars and build casinos or something to gain a profit.”

The big question is what would you do with all that money? Would you make smart decisions because some people wouldn’t make good decisions with all that money and power.

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