Box Seats Review

By:Ally Levine

With an exceptional menu and amazing service, Box Seats is a hidden gem everyone should know about.

Located in North Attleboro, MA, Box Seats is an extraordinary restaurant with a wide variety of food and options for everyone. They not only have good food, but amazing desserts. The menu features many different types of foods, including burgers, pasta, seafood, wings, soups, and much more. Another amazing feature of the menu at Box Seats is almost everything is gluten-free. Mandi Hanewich, a server at Box Seats, says, “Working at Box Seats is by far the best experience, and I love everything about the restaurant.” She added, “My favorite item on the menu is the cajun chicken alfredo pasta.”I asked Mandi,” what makes this your favorite dish?” She adds,” The mouthwatering cajun alfredo sauce with the penne makes this dish an all-around classic and you can never go wrong with a simple but good pasta meal.” Cam Fuller, another server at Box Seats says, “I love the atmosphere of Box Seats, it’s always so lively and our customers are always the best!” All the servers at box seats are unique and have something about them that makes them a great server. Cam works almost every day and does whatever he can to take someone’s shift or come in if it’s really busy at work. All of the servers at the restaurant understand how important this job is and take it very seriously.

The menu itself is amazing and is mostly the reason why customers continue to come back to box seats. First up, we have the famous cajun chicken alfredo pasta. This dish is an amazing pasta bowl with a spicy cajun alfredo sauce, penne, or linguine pasta, and also served with fresh garlic bread. You can never go wrong with this dish as it is a customer favorite as well as Mandi’s favorite. Another fan favorite would be the burgers. Box Seats features many different burgers including the black and bleu, bacon, classic cheese, MVP, and the impossible burger. Each burger has different toppings that make it savory and delicious. The wide variety of seafood we offer is unimaginable and every plate is packed with fresh seafood. Whether you’re  in the mood for calamari or fish and chips, we have it ready and fresh to be served. Not only are the main courses amazing, but the desserts are phenomenal. These include a variety of cheesecakes, strawberry shortcake, brownie sundae, molten lava cake, and the classic hot fudge sundae. Makenzie Keith, another server at Box Seats says,” My favorite dessert has to be the brownie sundae. It’s just so big and the warm brownie with all the toppings is to die for. If you come to Box seats and don’t get a dessert, you are really missing out!”

Box Seats is not only loved by its employees, but by the customers as well. Justin Maguire remarked, “Service was excellent and the wings, loaded fries, and calamari were delicious. As well as the french dip! Will definitely be back!” Another customer, Mikey, said,  “Amazing restaurant, and we had a great waiter! They have really good baked potatoes as well. Great experience.” Clearly, Box Seats is a fan favorite. Whether you’re in the mood for seafood or for a burger, Box Seats is always the place to go.

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