Is Blue Banisters Worth a Listen?

By Lexie Dougias

Lana Del Rey’s new album, Blue Banisters, released on October 22, 2021, is an artistic masterpiece. Lana Del Rey possesses an exceptionally unique voice and, once again, she has found a way to connect to her listeners on a whole new level. Each of the 15 songs on the album carries an important purpose and intention. While I would not say this is her best album, it could be argued that this is her most put-together album. 

Lana Del Rey - Blue Banisters Lyrics and Tracklist | Genius

I spoke with two people regarding Lana Del Rey’s new album. One, a long time Lana Del Rey “stan,” and the other “not the biggest fan.” Makena Green and Katie Garland answered 6 questions regarding the content and meaning of Blue Banisters. When asked about their favorite song on the album, Green said that “Dealer” was her favorite. I think this is a rather bold choice of a song considering the energy Lana Del Rey puts into this song but I can respect it. Garland responded that her favorite song was “If You Lie Down With Me.” On the other hand, when asked about their least favorite song, Green said “Wildflower Wildfire.” This hurt me personally, as this is one of my favorite songs. Garland directly opposed Green’s response by saying her least favorite song is “Dealer.” Garland stated, “…the lyrics make me laugh more than cry or feel something.” These are clearly two different listeners.

When asked which song encompasses the album as a whole, the two were in agreement and chose “Black Bathing Suit.” I believe Green summed up the feeling of the song when she stated, “There is an element of relatability in the lyrics, especially with references to quarantine and body image issues that many people struggle with. It’s an easy song to fall in love with sonically and lyrically.” Another question that had to do with the meaning of this album as a whole was when I asked what the overall theme of the album is. Green responded that the overall theme is hopeful. Garland added to this by saying, “A lot of the songs do seem very genuine as the above answer stated, but I think this album seems like that of someone who has figured out who they are and discovered new aspects of their personality.” 

What I think the most important question I asked is, are there any hidden gems? Green and I shared the same opinion when choosing “Cherry Blossom” as the hidden gem. Green shares, “It’s really exciting for longtime fans of Lana Del Rey because it’s one of her unreleased songs, so hearing it on the album was so fun.” Green, a long-time fan of Lana Del Rey, fully knows and understands the meaning more than a new listener would know when listening to this album. Garland says that “Textbook,” the first track on Blue Banisters, is a hidden gem. She says that the first track is often overlooked. The final question asked if they would recommend this album to a friend. Green says she would recommend this album but would advise that new listeners listen to her earlier music. Garland states, “I would recommend this album if my friend was already a Lana Del Rey fan. I’m not a fan of her as an artist, though I do like some of her songs. I think her music is an acquired taste.” My overall rating for this album is 4.5/5. I believe this album is one of her strongest, which makes this album particularly hard to listen to at times.

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