Review on Minecraft 

Minecraft is a globally sold game that was created by Markus Persson, Stephen McManus, and Jens Bergensten. The creators started the company, Mojang, and created a team that would constantly work on and update the game throughout the years. In 2014, Mojang sold their game to Microsoft for $2.5 billion. The game’s popularity continues to grow, with over 140 million global players. 

Minecraft is a spectacular game with an even more miraculous beginning. Persson set out to create a sandbox game in 2009, for the launch of his new company Mojang AB. Persson began working on the “alpha version” of minecraft on May 10th and slowly worked more on it until May 16th. It would be released the next day to the public. Even more interesting is that the creators of the game first called it, “cave game” which was thought to be too simple so they went with, “Minecraft: Order of the Stone.” Ironically that name seemed to be too long so it was dumbed down to, “Minecraft.” One of the games’ enemies or mobs began as a coding error when Persson tried to create a pig. Instead of creating a pink four legged entity, he instead created a green and white humanoid design with four legs. Persson implemented the enemy in the game for how extraordinary it’s origin was. All of these facts explain Minecraft’s culture of doing games differently, therefore making it such a successful game.

Those who play the game know how exciting it is to jump into a new world, but for people who have never played before, the possibilities can seem endless. To play, you load into your new world and spawn into any of the 60 various biomes, ranging from extremely tall mountains, to vast deserts, enormous jungles, and flat plains. If you spawn in a snowy desert, then you can begin your journey by collecting some wood and creating wooden tools. Usually players go for a wooden pickaxe, which allows them to mine cobblestone. Players then create better pickaxes with cobblestone, to mine even faster. From here, one either decides to create a makeshift home to survive the night in, or you start mining immediately. Most pros will mine immediately, as this activity produces a lot of resources for the player. You can upgrade to golden and diamond tools by mining too. After the first successful mining trip, most people begin to build their houses. 

Minecraft brings millions of people together everyday, creating friendships across the world or even strengthening the ones with people you already know. From the first night you survive, to all the interesting facts about this game’s creation, Minecraft will remain gaming’s greatest success for years to come due to its uniqueness.  

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