The First Launch is staffed by Journalism II students. This year’s staff consists of ten seniors.

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Bryan Costa

Bryan Costa is a senior at North Attleborough High School. He likes skateboarding, music, and having fun.

Lexie Dougias

Lexie is a student at North Attleboro high school. She works part-time at The Keep, a small business in Cumberland RI. She enjoys taking care of her plants and engaging in creative activities such as drawing, painting, and collecting crystals/rocks. 

Mia Calvino

Mia Calvino is a senior at North Attleboro High School. She works at Dunkin’, where she has worked for almost two years. She enjoys spending time with her boyfriend and shopping with friends.

Chris Galligan

Chris Galligan is a senior at North Attleboro High School. He is captain of the Cross Country and Wrestling team.

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Ally Levine

Ally is a senior at NAHS, who works at Box Seats and plays softball.

Killian Maree

Killian Maree is a senior at NAHS. He enjoys running cross country, swimming, and travelling.

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Shakyrah Hardy

Shakyrah Hardy is a senior at North Attleboro High School. She enjoys painting, and playing with her dog.

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Ian Pinkos

Ian Pinkos is a North Attleboro High School student attending his senior year. He loves skateboarding in his free time, he does track & field when the sport is in season. He also enjoys listening to music throughout his day.

Myles Ribeiro

Myles Ribeiro is a Senior at North Attleboro High School. He enjoys sports, hanging out with friends and going on roadside adventures. 

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Ali Rabbani

Ali is a high school student at North Attleboro High School. He enjoys Lego’s, eats potato chips, and dresses surprisingly fashionable. 


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